MOUNTAIN PASS PERFORMANCE is an EV oriented performance company started in  2017 by a group with a deep rooted history in motorsport. Our goal is to carry that background to the electric car community, and develop EV’s into not only efficient and logical vehicles – but objects of desire. Cars that you want to drive. Cars that are rewarding and exciting to drive. There is more to performance than just power and straight light acceleration. And that is what we’re all about.


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MPP Competes In Global Time Attack With Performance Model 3, Sets Fastest Time, Gets DQ’d For Being Electric!

Wow. What a wild last two weeks we've had. It all started with an invitation by our customer and longtime racer Cameron Rogers to bring his Tesla Model 3 to the largest Time Attack event in North America - Global Time Attack Super Lap. The event is in Tesla's own...

We Track Test The P3D Against Our Model 3. Who Wins?

A good friend of ours just purchased a Performance Model 3 with the Performance Upgrade Package, so naturally we invited him to bring the brand-new car to the track! We were excited to see how it would fare against our less powerful, but modified RWD Model 3. Despite...

Page Mill Stainless Steel Braided Brake Line Instructions

Thank you for purchasing our Page Mill SS Brake Lines! This is a short instructional guide on installing the brake lines properly. You'll love the increased pedal feel with these lines, they really are the last step after installing the rest of our brake upgrades to...

MPP Coilover Installation Instructions

If you've placed an order for our sports or comfort coilovers, thank you! You're going to love the transformation and adjustability of our suspension kit on your Model 3. Installation is straightforward - but this guide is here to help you with all of the little...

MPP At Kitchener National Drive Electric Meet

For National Drive Electric week we were invited out to showcase Blue Lightning and The Future at the Kitchener National Drive Electric meetup. For those of you that might not know what National Drive Electric week is, it's a North American push by volunteers to raise...

MPP is Coming Back to California! Meetup Thursday Aug 30th @ 7:30pm

We're visiting California again for a couple of days to check in on our coilovers, work on the final test fitment and instructions for them. Since we'll be in town we wanted to host a meetup with any of our current or prospective customers, friends and Tesla...


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