Bennet’s Time-Attack Winning Model 3

California, USA

Bennet is one of the OG MPP friends we made when we ventured out to Laguna Seca for the first time with Cameron’s car, back in 2018. Bennet has been one of our largest supporters, having switched from the competition to MPP – and he really appreciated our products which were born from real experience rather than hot air. 

We have to thank Bennet for offering to run MPP livery on his beautiful unicorn silver Model 3. It’s been a huge joy for us to watch Bennet find a few tenths at each event, and he has now proven to be one of the fastest daily driven Model 3’s in the country. 

Bennet recently won the Turn8 Time Attack championship, beating out some very significant machinery such as a modified BMW M4, C5 Z06, Ford GT350, and a 1LE Camaro. 

With Bennet putting in lap times in the 1:54’s at Buttonwillow CW13, it’s no wonder that it’s hard to beat him! So thank you very much for the continued support and keep finding lap time Bennet, and we’ll keep coming up with parts to help you go faster!

“Every MPP upgrade added noticeable improvements to grip and lap time. Once I switched from the competition to MPP, I’ve never looked back. MPP coilovers are the best. 50k miles and 40 track days later everything is still working as it should!

So you could say that every dollar spent on MPP upgrades is worth two smiles on the track!”

Bennet Kao

IG: mcbat8

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2018 Model 3 Performance


  • MPP Sports Coilovers
  • MPP Lightweight Rear Spring Arm
  • MPP.R Super Sport Springs
  • MPP Corkscrew Front Upper Control Arms
  • MPP Front Lower Control Arm Bearings
  • MPP Arastradero Rear Camber Arms
  • MPP Arastradero Rear Toe Arms


  • MPP.R Stoptech 368 BBK
  • MPP Rotors 2pc Rear Rotors
  • MPP Brake Lines
  • Endless RF650
  • Carbotech XP8 Rear Brake Pads


  • Aspira AF10 18×10.5 +35
  • Yoko A052 295 
  • Hypergram 10×10.5 +25F / 18×11 +40R
  • Sur4G 275
  • TE037 19×10.5 +35
  • SuperCar 3R


  • MPP Cooling Party Controller
  • MPP Partybox


  • MPP.R Nür Rear Drive Unit Oil Cooler


  • Stradale Design CF Front Splitter
  • Trackwing LLC Wing