Hello everyone! As mentioned in our previous email, despite supply constraints we are still offering a Black Friday sale. We know that it’s becoming a little bit of a theme with our MPP family, so we didn’t want to flat out have nothing – but at the same time, we have to be careful not to create a backorder log that is difficult to recover from. So the discount level for this sale has been set accordingly.

Our MPP Black Friday sale will take place from Wednesday, November 24th @ 10am EST to Monday, November 29th at 11:59pm EST.

If you have read our last post, you also know that to be eligible for this sale we’re asking that you step up and help in the climate change fight. Here is the full text from that post indicating what is required to use the attached coupon codes:

“Instead of calling it a sale, let’s call it a “Climate Change Action Discount.” Maybe that will be less offensive to those of you who think companies like ours shouldn’t get involved in politics (P.S. companies getting involved in politics is one of the reasons movement on Climate Change has been so slow. P.P.S. The health of our planet isn’t really “politics”)

  • You email/call/visit your local member of government expressing the urgency with which we need action on Climate Change.
  • You make a donation to a charity or organization that makes it their mission to fight Climate Change. A list of some good options are listed at the bottom of this post.

We won’t bother wasting time checking to see if each person that places an order does the above two items, and it will be based on the honor system. If you want to take part in the sale and not take the above actions, you can do that. We will never know. But you will. Of course, feel free to share the action you’re taking with your network – the more people that express outrage the more pressure we can apply. Now is a great time because those who work in the political world have COP26 at the top of their minds. Remember – it is now actually cheaper to install new clean energy than it is to continue with the status quo! That’s the most maddening part about the entire situation.”

Donation Resources:

Ecojustice Canada – Charity Intelligence Canada Analysis

NRDC – Charity Navigator Analysis

Extinction Rebellion – Donate Tax-Free Through Climate Emergency Fund (they are new so do some research first)

350.org – Charity Navigator Analysis

Rainforest Action Network – Charity Navigator Analysis

Of course, feel free to use any charity that you think will be effective in helping force action on Climate Change. Please share the action you’ve taken on social media, with friends and family, and through any other outlets you have access to. Yes, you might be looked at as an attention-seeking environmentalist, but the good outweighs the bad, and you just might inspire others to take action along with you. I think we can all agree that we’ve ignored this climate crisis for a little bit too long, so making things a bit awkward is a sacrifice we’re just going to have to make.

Sale Details:

The attached coupon codes will work during the sale period. Enjoy!

For $150 off any set of coilovers – use coupon code “IWILLSPEAKUP

For 5% off everything in the store (excluding coilovers, MoTeC and electronics) – use coupon code “IWILLDONATE

Disclaimer: Please note that any products that are listed as backordered will not have accurate backorder lead times indicated on the product page when you checkout. The number of orders from our sale will impact lead times, and we won’t be able to project accurate lead times until the dust settles after the sale. As a rough guide, expect 4-8 weeks for anything listed as “out of stock” when you place your order during the sale. Please do not order any items listed as “out of stock” during the sale if your order is very time senitive. We would suggest ordering before the sale for time-sensitive orders so that you are in the front of the line.

New Products:

We’re excited to announce that we have a few new products that will be added in the coming weeks either as pre-orders or as in-stock products. We’re pretty excited about them and unfortunately, we couldn’t get them 100% finalized before the sale, but wanted to announce them here so that this post had some fun car content.

One thing – we would also caution anyone about buying or pre-ordering products that have no real-life images (CAD drawings don’t count!), and technical information regarding the development of said products.

Whenever a new car comes out there’s always a “race to be first” in terms of bringing out products, but it’s important to remember that you want to do it once, and do it right. Installations aren’t cheap, so removing and changing parts is a frustrating and painful process that tends to remove some of the joy that cars are supposed to bring us!

Model 3 MPP Anti-Roll Bars:

These are long overdue, but after almost a year of testing, we expect our first shipment of bars in the coming weeks. Our design philosophy with the bars was consistent with what we’ve always been saying – we don’t particularly like large bars on the Model 3, but we do like adjustable bars. So for that reason, we’ve worked with Eibach to develop a smaller version of their bar, with 3 adjustment holes in the rear versus 2.

We’ll have more details once the product is released, but the general idea is that the Model 3 doesn’t need less body roll, what it needs is less heave (up and down motion). That is accomplished with springs, not bars. This problem is exasperated with any kind of downforce modifications, which add additional load, and which also are more pitch sensitive. These bars were tuned with our supersport springs, and when using a square tire setup the balance is very enjoyable indeed.

Model S Plaid 400mm OE Caliper Big Brake Kit:

This is one of our favorite products in a long time. Following in the spirit of the 365mm BBK we offered for the Model 3 years ago, this kit takes a fairly decent OEM caliper and helps it by giving it a larger rotor that can really extract some heat. It also helps to address the excessive rear brake bias the Plaid is becoming known for (don’t ask how we know).

Model S Plaid Front Upper Control Arm:

As mentioned in our last blog post. This arm is very similar in concept to our Model 3 front upper control arm. The Plaid version will offer significant camber adjustability and the ability to fit larger wheels and tires. The camber adjustment is achieved with shim adjustment, and the OEM lower camber adjustment can be used to fine-tune the camber or to initially set the camber square from side to side.

Pictured below with a Model 3 outer balljoint carrier that was used for the initial prototype. The production version will have a specially designed outer carrier.

Model S Front Lower Control Arm + Tension Rod Sealed Spherical Bearings:

Another part that we teased in the last post are these two bearings eliminate all of the rubber bushings in the front of the Plaid. These bearings along with the additional front camber from the upper arms give the driver a ton more steering response, feedback, and control of the car – in addition to the extra grip that more front camber brings with it. As they are sealed spherical bearings (like with all of our arms), they will stand the test of time and not creak and squeak as spherical bearings tend to overtime.

In Closing:

For our friends south of the Canadian border, we hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. And for everyone else, we hope you have a great last few weeks before the holidays!

Thank you so much for your continued support from us here at MPP!