Hello dear MPP friends and customers! It’s the time of year again – the celebration of consumerism! Our last Black Friday sale set a wild record, we had no idea there was so much pent-up demand for a sale. If you remember, last year we requested everyone participating in the sale would donate or contribute to fighting Climate Change. So if you all donated as you said you would, THANK YOU, we have made a meaningful impact!

This year we’d like to follow a similar format to 2021, and in addition to asking you to consider supporting a climate initiative, we are also going to donate 5% of total sales during our Black Friday sale, in addition to what you donate. We really do hope that these actions move the needle – as we’ve seen in 2022, the extreme weather all around the world seems to continue to get worse, and our friends at COP27 don’t seem to be making much progress sadly.

So, to take part in our 2022 Black Friday sale, you agree to do one of the three (or more!):

  • Email / Call / Visit your local member of government and demand less talk and more action.
  • Make a donation to a charity or organization whose mission is to fight Climate Change.
  • Take some kind of activism on your own (if you do, please share it with us!)

As with last year, this is based on the honor system, so we really hope all of you that take part in our sale will follow through. And if you “forgot” last year, maybe donate double what you’re thinking. Just remember that of all of the problems we have in this world, we can still have and deal with them later. Humans love to bicker and fight, and always will. But if we don’t have a comfortable planet with food and water, we will quickly realize the rest of our problems are irrelevant.

Donation Resources:

Ecojustice Canada – Charity Intelligence Canada Analysis

NRDC – Charity Navigator Analysis

Extinction Rebellion – Donate Tax-Free Through Climate Emergency Fund 

350.org – Charity Navigator Analysis

Rainforest Action Network – Charity Navigator Analysis

Union Of Concerned ScientistsCharity Navigator Analysis

Clean Air Task ForceCharity Navigator Analysis

Of course, feel free to use any charity that you think will be effective in helping force action on Climate Change. Please share the action you’ve taken on social media, with friends and family over the holiday season, and through any other platforms you have access to. Shouting from a rooftop included. People are becoming more aware of the urgency of this challenge, so now is the perfect time to be supporting and sharing the efforts of those who are making the final push for real change.

Sale Details:

The coupon codes listed below will work during the sale period:

Wednesday Nov 23 @ 12:00pm EST to Monday, Nov 28th at 11:59pm EST

The sale will be offered in this period of time ONLY! Please don’t ask for a discount if you miss it 🙂

For $175 off any set of coilovers: “ILIKEEARTHTHEWAYITIS

For $450 off of our MPP/Stoptech Big Brake kit for Model 3/Y: “IWANTTOSTOPCLIMATECHANGE”

For 10% off everything in the store (excluding the above, MoTeC, and electronics) – use coupon code “IWILLTAKEACTION

Disclaimer: Please note that any products that are listed as backordered will not have accurate lead times indicated on the product page when you checkout. The number of orders from our sale will impact lead times, and we won’t be able to project accurate delivery times until the dust settles after the sale. As a rough guide, expect 6-8 weeks for anything listed as “backordered” when you place your order during the sale. Please do not order any items listed as “backordered” during the sale if your order is very time sensitive. We would suggest ordering before the sale for time-sensitive orders so that you are in the front of the line.

In Closing:

We’ll have a longer season wrap-up post coming before Christmas, but in the meantime please have a great Thanksgiving (if you’re from the USA)! We have to thank you all for the tremendous 2022 we’ve had so far. I don’t think we could have imagined growing this fast and that is really due to everyone who has been supportive of MPP and shared their experiences with the community, both product and service related. We are truly eternally grateful for your support. Without the word-of-mouth support, there is no way that we would be where we are now, and we have not forgotten that!