Well, summer is finally here and Blue Lightning has been out and about! With all of the fine little upgrades we did for the Canadian International Autoshow, it was great to be able to enjoy them all on the road. The Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires are a welcome upgrade over the Trofeo R tires (best used on the racetrack only!!), and the alacantra steering wheel really finishes off the interior.

First Blue Lightning made a trip out to Canadian Tire Motorsport park (aka Mosport) for a Canadian Touring Car and World Challenge race. We had some clients we were supporting and it was nice to show the Lotus off to race enthusiasts!

This horrible picture is brought to you by my Google Pixel. Outside the gates of CTMP!

On the way home from the track I stopped to get some data on a Chademo charger. Oh and it was Victoria Day weekend so.. fireworks!

Chademo, Fireworks and Fast Electric Cars.

And then yesterday after taking the car to work to dyno tune some Subaru’s at Touge Tuning, I decided to stop by the staging area for the first Toronto Model 3 deliveries. Our white Model 3 is in there somewhere no doubt, as we are picking our car up in 5 days! The security personal were quite welcoming once they realized we were driving a Tesla powered converted Lotus!

“What is that?”

There were over 100 Model 3’s on site. All of them with 18″ aero wheels. Feeling lucky that we cheaped out and went with the 18s!

Model 3’s as far as the eye can see…

Lots of updates coming next week, once we pickup our Model 3!