Brandon’s Performance AWD Tesla Model 3

Texas, USA

Brandon is one of our earliest customers – It’s guys like Brandon that inspire us to continue to do what we do each day. Going to the racetrack, cleaning up and converting ICE owners to see the potential of electric cars, and all while looking badass while doing it. How good does that red look?!

Thanks Brandon for continuing to support MPP, we really appreciate it – keep showing the world what the Model 3 can do!

I have been a customer of MPP since 2018 and they are the best in performance. You can see and feel the difference and their products give me the utmost confidence while on the track or street. Their product pricing is often less than the competition and you receive superior engineered parts.  My two most favorite products are the sport coilovers and their Page Mill performance rotors. The coilovers offer a wide range adjustability which allows me to fine tune the suspension to my needs and adjustments are done in less than 3 minutes.

The Page Mill rotors are a huge upgrade over OEM and you notice the difference immediately. The heat dissipation and low noise on the street make these a must have if you want the most performance out of your Tesla. When you combine all of their products you create a beast on the track. All the products work together to give you the fastest, quickest, and best handling car possible. You will be astonished how well your car performs and MPP products will put you on the podium.

I cannot say enough about MPP. Their customer service is excellent and they are always available to answer questions. The entire company is founded on solid business principles with the customer at the forefront. Thank you MPP!

Brandon Campbell

INSTAGRAM: @tesla_Pilot

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2018 Model 3 LR Dual Motor


  • MPP Sports Coilovers
  • MPP Corkscrew Front Upper Control Arms
  • MPP Front Lower Control Arm Bushings
  • MPP Arastradero Rear Camber Arms
  • MPP Lightweight Rear Spring Arm
  • MPP Arastradero Rear Toe Arms
  • SPL Rear Traction And Trailing Arms
  • Aftermarket Sway Bars


  • MPP Rotors Front And Rear
  • MPP Brake Lines
  • MPP Brake Master Cylinder Brace
  • Motul RBF600 Fluid


  • Maier Front Splitter
  • Maier Rear 7″ Spoiler


  • Konig Hypergram 18×10.5 25
  • Hoosier A7 285/30/18


  • MPP Lightweight Battery Kit
  • Schroth 4-pt harnesses

Here is a video of Brandon tearing up an Auto-X, showing ICE cars what a Tesla can do!

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