Since there are no Model 3’s available in Toronto, we had to come to California! We rented a car and are in the process of testing our coil-overs and suspension arms. We’ve run through multiple sets of springs already, and we’ve got more development worked slated for the next few days.

The mountain roads we are testing on are world renowned. We couldn’t ask for a better place to do chassis setup work – there are corners of all types here – high speed, low speed, compressions, smooth, bumpy, it’s the ideal testing ground. We’ll have a ton of media to share, and hope you will enjoy it.

For now, here’s a quick photo of the car from the famous Alice’s Restaurant. We’re hosting a Tesla meetup on Wednesday the 21st of March to share our car and meet with those that are interested in performance electric cars. The views are truly breathtaking, as are the roads.