Last night a group of Tesla Model 3 owners and reservation holders met up with us at the famous Alice’s Restaurant for dinner and to share our experiences with the car so far. We also had the pleasure of being able to take everyone for a ride in our Model 3 equipped with our coilovers and suspension arms!

Alice’s Restaurant is a famous meetup around some of the best roads in the country. Alice’s is the central spot for car and bike meets of all types. What a place.

I was most surprised (in a good way) about the performance oriented outlook everyone at the meetup had. Perhaps those were the only people that wanted to venture up the twisty roads to Alice’s, but either way it is extremely encouraging that there are so many people that want to see electric car performance grow!

We were blown away at how excited everyone was about our coilovers and we couldn’t be more pleased. This is a new venture for us and we’ve been nervous that the demand may not be there for performance upgrades for these cars. The group last night helped put some of those worries aside, which is a welcome sigh of relief for us!

Hopefully the Northern California Tesla community will continue to meet up at Alice’s and we look forward to hosting another meetup next time we are in town! We have a video in the works of our trip including this meet, so make sure you subscribe for updates to our blog.

Thanks to everyone that came and welcomed us and shared your experiences with the car. It’s helpful for us and it’s great insight into what you all want to see developed for this game changing vehicle.