As part of our trip to California we brought along Gannon from One Lap Kings, and he captured a ton of what we did on video and has thrown it all together into this awesome story. I think you’ll see the kind of cool, grassroots feeling our development had since we didn’t have our shop our equipment on hand. Add to that the rain (it rained almost every day – IN CALIFORNIA!) and it was rather funny to see us working in a parking lot on a brand new Tesla Model 3. Ripped apart with tools and Tesla parts all over the ground.

Enjoy the video, and if you’re interested in ordering suspension arms or pre-ordering coilovers just shoot us an email at or purchase on the webstore. We can’t wait to share what we’ve developed with you all – and happy to say we’ve already received a ton of orders and the interest keeps building each day!

We’re hoping you’ll do us a favor and spread this video around to those you think are electric car enthusiasts. It’s really important for us to help show just how awesome and capable electric cars are, and I think this video does a good job of showing that we had just as much fun, if not more (you can really go hard in an electric car on canyon roads and no one complains since you’re not making a ton of noise pollution) than we would in a gas car.