Christopher’s Performance Tesla Model 3 “Light Fury”

Paris, France

Christopher contacted MPP from his home in Paris long before he had his Performance Model 3, but he knew exactly what he wanted to do with his future electric car! We’ve worked with Christopher to get him just about everything we offer here from MPP to build an extremely capable Model 3 to turn heads on the street and on the track. Christopher’s car is a fantastic example of a well-excecuted build, and the dark grey color with those Signature wheels is absolutely jaw-dropping. As if that wasn’t enough, we powder-coated our rotor hats and springs a lighter blue to match the rest of our suspension components – it really pops when you look behind those wheels!

Don’t be fooled into thinking this car is just for looks. Christopher has taken it to a number of track days, the highlight likely being at Spa-Francorchamps, the famous Formula 1 circuit known for its blisteringly fast Eau-Rouge / Raidillon section. Some say it’s the best corner sequence in the world! I believe Christopher mentioned that he may have bruised a few Porsche owner’s egos!

When not doing track duty, Christopher’s car is his comfortable everyday commuter that he uses around the historic streets of Paris, and we just think it’s the coolest seeing it around all of the historic landmarks. We’ll let Christopher tell you what he thinks of the current state of the build:

I chose to equip my Model 3 Performance (Light Fury) with MPP parts because I was looking for functional and performance-oriented parts that could help reveal the potential of this amazing car. Each part added, did exactly that. My car today has every component MPP has manufactured (rear toe and camber arm links, front arm links, front and rear brake discs, brake lines and the fully adjustable coilovers developed with K&W). The car remains fully functional and practical, while being razor sharp on the track (driving is best described as “point and shoot”). The coilovers they developed are a work of art. They make the car more (yes, more) comfortable than stock, yet firmer. The damp is simply perfect. Because they are adjustable, not just in height (not sure why anyone would go with springs!), but in rebound and compression, just a few clicks and you can stiffen them for the track, and back to medium for daily use. Best of both worlds really! Lastly, the entire MPP team is made of experienced car mechanics with car racing experience who are available to assist with tips as you look at setting up your car. If you’re Europe-based, hit me up if you want to experience it before buying.

Christopher Bousigues

INSTAGRAM: @X_t_o_Pista

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Christopher's Performance Tesla Model 3 "Light Fury" Paris, France Christopher contacted MPP from his home in Paris long before he had his Performance Model 3, but he knew exactly what he wanted to do with his future electric car! We've worked with Christopher to get...

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MPP Sports Coilovers
MPP Arastradero Rear Camber Arms
MPP Arastradero Rear Toe Arms
MPP Corkscrew Front Upper Control Arms


MPP Page Mill Front Rotors
MPP Page Mill Rear Rotors
MPP Page Mill Stainless Steel Brake Lines


MPP MoTeC C125 Display And Logger
MPP Lightweight Lithium Battery Kit


Signature SV104 20x9 +30F
Signature SV140 20x9 +21R
Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 (245/35R20)


Unplugged Front Lip


Here is a detailed review from Auto Moto in France that covered Christophers car – check it out if you speak French!

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