It’s our biggest event of the year. Iconic Weathertech Raceway Laguna Seca and all of the big MPP events will be there – Plaid.R, run by TeamPGR, KERS Kels, and Model 3 Challenge. With the party atmosphere provided by Gridlife, there is something for everyone at this event, and you won’t want to miss it!

In addition to Time Attack and Model 3 Challenge, there will also be drifting and Gridlife’s own GTLC wheel-to-wheel racing. If you’re anywhere near Laguna Seca, you should certainly come out to catch the action on Friday or Saturday, but there is also a really great live feed you can tune in to if you can’t make it.

Be part of the party! If you have a modified Tesla or other EV, we encourage you to bring it out and put it on display at the infield of the track in the center of the action. A number of MPP friends are coming out, and it’s a great opportunity to share the EV passion with other car enthusiasts. There are more details below in the showcase section.


You can check out the entire event schedule at – but here are the sessions in which MPP will be running:

Friday Oct 20:

8:00am – Model 3 Challenge Practice

9:40am – Time Attack – Plaid.R & KERS Kels

11:40am – Time Attack – Plaid.R & KERS Kels

12:40pm – Model 3 Challenge Qualifying

2:55pm – Time Attack – Plaid.R & KERS Kels

5:05pm – Model 3 Challenge Race 1

6:30pm – MPP BBQ

Saturday Oct 21:

8:00am – Model 3 Challenge Race 2

9:55am – Time Attack – Plaid.R & KERS Kels

12:45pm – Time Attack – Plaid.R & KERS Kels (tentative)

2:25pm – Model 3 Challenge Race 3

3:30pm – Time Attack – Plaid.R & KERS Kels Podium Sprints

5:20pm – Model 3 Challenge Race 4

Note: Sunday is Cars & Coffee and open lapping only. You won’t see any MPP cars running!

The Cars:

Plaid.R has been setting records all across the United States, and after winning and setting records at nearly every event it has attended this year, we’re looking forward to seeing what the Plaid can do on the newly paved Laguna Seca. Running on the same Goodyear Supercar 3R tires supplied by Tesla, this Plaid is one of the fastest road cars on street tires out there. It’s good at making enemies and having people lobby for EVs to be banned from racing. Sorry! Read more about the build here

Tesla Model S Plaid Race Car On Track

KERS Kels is our hybrid 350z, driven by MPP founder Sasha Anis. For this event, we have some aerodynamic upgrades bringing 20% more downforce, as well as hybrid upgrades bringing an additional 50 horsepower. After winning and setting a new Gridlife record at Lime Rock, we are so excited to simply drive Kels at this iconic track – everything else is secondary. The sound this car makes is amazing, and because it is a privately built hybrid wth a naturally aspirated ICE engine, KERS Kels does a better job of bringing together EV enthusiasts and ICE enthusiasts than perhaps any other car out there. Read more about the complete car here

Model 3 Challenge is on its 3rd competition event of the year, seeing a number of East Coast competitors face off against West Coast veterans of Laguna. The fastest Model 3 drivers in the country are all coming together to face off for the final event of the year.

All of the cars have power-limiting software provided by MPP’s cooling party controller – allowing RWD, AWD and Performance Model 3’s to run against each other. Competitors need to chase the car ahead – getting within proximity in a detection zone forcing the competitor ahead to yeild. To make things more interesting, winners are shuffled back after each race to jumble the grid, and reward weight is added to slow down the winners.

In the end, it results in some very tight racing that rewards consistency and being able to endure the pressure of having another driver right in your wake. While there might not be any noise, you can be assured that the racing is intense and all of the drivers are pushing the limits. Learn more about the series here

Tickets & Showcase:

Tickets can be purchased at If you’re interested in putting your car on display in the showcase, you will want to purchase “Showcase Meet” tickets. Otherwise, you can purchase general admission or VIP admission tickets as you please!

Live Stream:

If you’re just a bit too far to get to Laguna this weekend, you can also catch all of the action on Gridlife’s Live Stream here:

We’re really looking forward to this one, and hope to see you there. Feel free to shoot us an email if you have any questions!