Do Your Parts Have A Warranty?
All of our parts come with some level of warranty. We’ve been in the industry for a long time and know how critical it is to stand behind your products.

We want to be successful, and we know that the only way to do that is by supporting you – our loyal customer!

Why Should I Pick MPP Over Another Brand?

We have been racing and designing performance parts for years. We’ve seen the cheap stuff come and go, and we are striving to provide only the best value to you.

Sure there will be cheaper products available, but they will likely not give you the same level of enjoyment or reliability.

There will also be more expensive parts out there, and we’re confident that what we offer will bring you the best value without any compromise of performance. 

We suggest you do some research online and read reviews about our products, as well as read a little bit about some of our track records and accomplishments in motorsport. We believe that speaks volumes about us and is the best way to know whether we’re a company you want to do business with. 

How Long Will My Parts Take To Come In?
We aim to keep everything in stock, which means you’ll receive your parts within a few days after placing your order. Please allow one day for processing prior to shipment for all in-stock items.

Anything that is out of stock will be noted as so on our website as back ordered. You’ll it will still be able to place an order, but we suggest you to email us before hand to get an idea of delivery timing. In the rare event that we are out of stock and did not update the site in time, we will contact you via e-mail immediately to let you know.

We do commonly offer pre-order sales for products that are in development, so if you’re looking to get a good deal be sure to watch the site for news of new pre-sale announcements!

How Will My Parts Be Shipped?
If you’re in the USA, then your items will either be shipped from one of our warehouses or directly from us in Canada for lower value items.

Coilovers are shipped directly from KW in Clovis, CA via FedEx ground. Brakes are also shipped from the west coast via FedEx ground. Suspension arms, t-shirts, and items stocked in Canada are shipped via USPS.

If you order multiple items, you may receive multiple tracking numbers if they come from different locations. This is because we try to keep US built products in the USA, rather than importing them into Canada just to export them back to you.

If you require emergency fast shipping please email us so that we can get you taken care of. Thank you so much for your business.

Do You Ship Internationally?

We absolutely do! We have some incredible customers all over the world, and we’re always excited when our parts reach different countries. We love hearing about how people all over the world use MPP products on their cars. 

Please check out our “International Orders” page as it covers most of the common questions. 

What About Canadian Duties And Import Fees?
Since we’re Canadian, we know the pains of importing and paying hefty brokerage fees. All of our shipping prices include brokerage and duties, so you will not receive any surprise bills when your order arrives. If for some reason our broker doesn’t pick up the tab, simply let us know and we’ll resolve the issue with you. We ask if possible that you refuse the package and let our broker clear it properly.
Will You Sponsor Me?




If it’s worth it for us. We’re happy to provide discounts on components after you prove your value. Our sponsorship program works as a rebate effectively.

We’ll agree to terms, and once you show that you meet those terms we’ll refund you back the agreed-upon discount! This ensures that those that are really helping Mountain Pass Performance benefit, and not those that are good at talking.

Please email us with your proposal if you’re interested in a mutually beneficial partnership.