Happy New Year MPP family! We hope you all had a wonderful holiday and trust that your new year is off to a great start. We’re excited for what 2024 will bring, and the big news here is that after a painfully long five years of waiting, our very own Rivian R1T truck has finally arrived. More on that below! We also are excited to announce a sale for existing customers who are upgrading to a Model 3 Highland, and there’s even an opportunity for large savings if you are the first to confirm fitment and provide feedback for the new body style!

We also have produced some prototype aero covers for our MPP Mega Mesh wheels, and we’re aiming to produce these in low-volume out of carbon fiber. Finally, we’re happy to announce that the 2024 Model 3 Challenge series is again joining GridLife and this season should be incredible, building on what was already a great first season.

Highland Sale:

First up – this is for all of you new Model 3 Highland owners! If you’re thinking about upgrading your Highland we’d like to offer a 5% discount on most products for existing MPP customers to thank you for your loyalty. We only ask that you send us some photos once the parts are installed! To receive your 5% discount, just email us for a coupon code along with photos of your new car for verification. Excluded products include electronics. The end date for this sale isn’t yet determined, but we project it will run for quite some time.

In addition, as the Highland is quite new, we still need to confirm the fitment of our catalog on these cars. Being in Canada, we’re unable to get our hands on a Highland so we’re offering 25% off for end-users or dealers once they provide us with the following information:

  • Detailed photos of the MPP component/vehicle interface for all components installed
  • Confirmation that the parts fit without any interference or installation difficulty
  • Feedback after driving to validate

Please keep in mind that this 25% offer is first come first serve – and there will only be one discount per part. So once someone gets us the feedback, that part will no longer be eligible for a discount. We’ll have a Highland page up on the site soon with a listing of parts we’ve confirmed fitment on, and those that are pending. 

Rivian R1T:

When we first saw the Rivian R1T prototype launch over 5 years ago, we knew it was going to be something special. I remember looking at the plastic trim in the frunk and thinking about how refined and well-done it was for a brand-new prototype with a ton of technology. 

After receiving the truck and spending some time with it, I can say that the “slow and steady” approach Rivian has taken was worth the wait. The build quality and refinement are top-class. 

It’s a truck we love and it brings some emotion we haven’t felt since the launch of the Model 3 in 2018. Now that we finally have a truck to live with we’re looking forward to finding areas we can improve on and joining the community in sharing our experiences and any nerdy tech bits that other owners might be interested in.

We’ll also be using our truck to tow our race hauler to local tracks. As we all know the range while towing suffers a great deal, and no doubt that will be made worse with a large and heavy enclosed trailer. To combat this we’ve started CFD development of aerodynamic upgrades we will make to our trailer. 

To our surprise, early and very low-resolution CFD shows that it may be possible to reduce the total drag (truck + trailer combined) by as much as 40%. This would require making the underbody of the trailer flat, creating diffuser flaps on the rear of the trailer (you may have seen these on semi-truck trailers), and creating a front overhang on the trailer that transitions the airflow from the bed of the truck into the larger section of the trailer. 

Each step showed a promising improvement, however it was the rear diffuser flaps that made the most significant improvement in the CFD. Whether or not we’ll have time to do all of these upgrades to our trailer is a separate question!

MPP Mega Mesh Aero Covers:

Our MPP Mega Mesh Wheels have been designed to accept custom aero covers, and we’ve now produced a prototype set of covers in two designs – blank and slotted. The design of the covers was focused on a balance between optimizing aerodynamics while also giving the Model 3 more of an aggressive appearance. 

While the Mega Mesh Wheel alone doesn’t look like anything out of the ordinary (and we mean that in the nicest possible way, dear Mega Mesh), once the aero covers are bolted on the car looks like something out of the future – and we feel that’s just how it should be.

As it’s the middle of winter here we haven’t been able to do a proper A/B comparison test between the covers on and off, but after a few drives with them on and off the results do look to be very significant, and there is even a large reduction in wind noise produced by the wheels. We expect the difference to be large simply because the wheel is so flush out to the fender, so there is a very large interaction between the tire/wheel and the air. 

Our plans are now to produce some carbon fiber covers, so please contact us if you’re interested in a set. We may also make some more affordable covers in alternative materials so keep your eyes peeled on our Instagram for the latest updates if you’re interested in these aero covers. 

Model 3 Challenge 2024:

The first year of the Model 3 Challenge was more exciting and action-packed than any of us could have anticipated. With the championship coming down to the final detection zone of the last lap, with a stunning California sunset in the background of the Monterey hills, it was quite special. We’re excited to do it all over again in 2024. We’re making some minor adjustments to the format of the series to allow it to be more accessible, and we’re also planning on an East Coast and West Coast championship 

We start the season online as we always do – racing with virtual MPP modified Model 3’s in Assetto Corsa. Late last year we even released a Highland Model 3 version, you can read all about that and download it on our Discord server here

Our first online race will take place on Sunday, Feb 4th at 3 PM Eastern. You can get all of the details on the Model 3 Challenge website here!