Hello dear MPP friends! We hope everyone is doing well in these strange and unprecedented times. As we mentioned in our last blog post, our damper supplier KW is currently in the process of making a massive upgrade to their facility in Germany, which will allow them to increase output speed considerably. The downside to that is that in addition to the European summer holidays, our coilover production is now slower than the normal 4-5 weeks.

Over the coming 3-6 months we anticipate that KW’s output will increase to a point where we can have our coilover lowering kits in stock at all times, because we know there is nothing worse than having to wait weeks for something you REALLY REALLY WANT, but in the meantime, KW has made a policy worldwide that no stocking orders will be filled and only kits that are sold to an end customer will be built – and those are built on a first come first serve basis, with a current lead time of around 6-8 weeks.

Of course, we’re sorry we can’t get more kits built sooner, but there is simply nothing that can be done until KW’s new assembly line is up and running, and we just need to be patient for that! You can read all about the crazy Amazon like automated system that is being installed, it is really quite impressive! This is one of the most advanced suspension manufacturing facilities in the world, and we’re proud to be partnered with KW!

If you’re on the fence about suspension for your model 3, we strongly encourage you to do some searches for reviews about our coilovers, we truly believe they are worth waiting for.



Detail of Mountain Pass Performance AWD Tesla Model 3 Coilovers