John’s Tesla Model 3 Performance – OPTIMA GTE 157

Nashville, USA

John Laughlin was one of our first sponsored racers – Also known as the infamous “Rex Raikkonen” on YouTube, John has been slaying cones in ICE cars for quite some time. As a SCCA Solo National champion and Pro Solo National points champion, he is more than qualified to wheel his Tesla to victory. Thankfully for the EV community, John saw the potential of the Model 3 to dominate in autocross where the AWD traction and instant power can really shine. 

Thank you for your continued support John, we really appreciate you sticking with us and trusting us to help you win! 


It really comes down to the suspension and brakes, coupled with 275/35R19 Bridgestone RE-71R tires.  The power is there from the factory, but the suspension is soft and the brakes can’t handle the weight.  The suspension upgrades from Mountain Pass Performance completely changed the dynamics of the car, and have made it into a true performance vehicle.  The fluid has been upgraded to DOT-4 Redline RL600, which really helped the car stop consistently.  With the same wheels and tires, but upgraded suspension and brakes, the fast lap time improved over 6 seconds at NCM Motorsports Park, so the setup is really working well.

John Laughlin

Optima GTE 157

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2019 Model 3 Performance 


  • MPP Sports Coilovers
  • MPP Corkscrew Front Upper Control Arms
  • MPP Front Lower Control Arm Bushings
  • MPP Arastradero Rear Camber Arms
  • MPP Lightweight Rear Spring Arms
  • MPP Arastradero Rear Toe Arms
  • Aftermarket Rear Sway Bar


    • 19×10+35 MRR M60
    • 275/35R19 Bridgestone RE-71R
    • 295/25R19 Kumho ACR


    • Schroth 4-pt harnesses