Well. We’re becoming truckers. It’s now two trucks – Our Rivian R1T and a Tesla Cybertruck – that we have under our roof. It’s starting to get a little bit crowded in here! We could go on for days about the pros and cons between the Rivian and the Cybertruck, but we’ll save that for another time and likely a YouTube video. What can be said is that they are vastly different but each can learn a little bit from the other.

Mega Terra Wheels For Rivian And Cybertruck – Available For Pre-Order Now!

In our last update, we shared that our MPP wheel design with Braid had completed, and we’re now able to share the finished wheels in real life, on both trucks! Not only that, but we also met up with our good friend and professional photographer Jordan Lenssen in Montreal for a shoot in the famous Canadian city. I think you’ll agree that the results speak for themselves. And these are just the teaser photos!

Badass electric trucks rivian and cybertruck in Montreal

We’ve named the truck wheels “Mega Terra” keeping it going with the “Mega” theme that started with the Model 3 wheels. We were going for a motorsport-inspired, rugged, and functional design. So far it’s fair to say that the reception has been overwhelmingly positive which has been fantastic! It’s very difficult with such a high offset wheel to give it character and shape, but we feel the large flat outer faces, strong spokes and mild concavity all work together to amplify the presence of these two iconic trucks.

Our forged 20″ Mega Terra wheels are on the webstore now and available for pre-order. You can find the link for the Rivian wheels HERE, and the Cybertruck wheels HERE. The wheels are on discount for $400 USD below retail if you order before June 30th! The retail price is $1075 per wheel (currently $975).

As mentioned before, these are top-level wheels made by a company that supplies wheels to WRC and Dakar winning teams! Don’t confuse them with cheap flow-formed wheels made in a questionable factory.

Fully Equipped Highland With MPP Carbon Fiber Aero Covers

In addition, on that same photoshoot we had Philippe’s brand new Highland Model 3 join us. Philippe runs the machine shop that makes all of your beautifully blue anodized MPP parts! After confirming that the entire MPP suspension catalog fits on the highland, we also established that Tesla’s new red, along with Mega Mesh wheels + carbon aero covers – looks just as stunning as the new Cybertruck.

The aero covers take things to another level. We’ve prototyped two versions – the twill carbon pattern with slots as you see above, along with a “spread tow” checkerboard version with no slots. Both versions of the aero covers will be available for order shortly, and we’ll also post range tests showing the difference in highway efficiency with and without the covers. These covers only work with MPP’s Mega Mesh wheels.

Rivian “Triple L” Ride Height Adjustment Kit For R1T/R1S

Things have been happening quickly since our last post. We’ve developed a few new products in various stages of production for the Rivian. The first product that we’ve been working on is our “Triple L” ride height adjusters. These allow you to lift, lower or level your Rivian, similar to how lowering links work. We’ve already completed our first pre-order and shipped 20 kits out to Rivian owners who are looking to fine-tune their truck’s height, improve ride quality, or lift it up slightly.

We’re making more and will have these available very shortly once we hear some feedback from the community on how the adjusters work for them. So far we have >3000km with our adjusters and there have been no issues – nor do we expect any. You can learn more about the “Triple-L’s” HERE.

We have more products in the pipeline and are excited to share them with you all soon. The fastest way to keep up with our latest updates is by following us on Instagram, Facebook or X.

So what do you think about the two trucks? Are you in the Cybertruck camp or the Rivian camp? What products would you like to see for these vehicles? Stay tuned because we have a number of ideas and we’re excited to have new platforms to develop on! Although we still have many new ideas for the Model 3/Y that we’re excited about, specifically in the carbon fiber department. Stay tuned for more!

Have a great weekend everyone, enjoy the nicer weather that’s headed our way!