Here at Mountain Pass Performance our goal has always been to aid enthusiasts with the transition to alternative energy vehicles by helping them spur their passion for electric vehicles with high-performance aftermarket parts.

Today, we take that one step further by sponsoring a grassroots racing series that is looking to take motorsports into the modern era – the Model 3 Challenge. In partnership with Gridlife, the Model 3 Challenge seeks to offer racers the chance to participate in competitive Motorsports using Tesla Model 3’s built to predetermined specifications that make them highly capable on the track. By ensuring that the vehicles all meet the same specification, the racing will come down to the driver’s themselves.

In addition, the format of the series has been designed as a hybrid of Time-Attack and Wheel-To-Wheel racing, making it accessible to those even with a daily driven Model 3, and reducing the investment and effort required to join the series.

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Below you’ll see the series announcement from Grid Life during their Circuit Legends Lime Rock live stream: