If you’re lucky enough to own a new Model 3 Highland and looking to upgrade it, congrats! You might be asking yourself if parts from the earlier year Model 3’s will fit. So, this page serves to be a guide to answer that question, and even comes with a bonus! If you help us validate fitment before anyone else has, you’ll receive a healthy discount on your purchase!

You see, the Highland has been released in the rest of the world before it has here in Canada. For that reason, we’re relying on the community to validate part fitment until we can get a Highland.

Our understanding is that the Highland is just a refresh and that all of the running gear is effectively the same. We suspect our entire catalog of suspension and brake components should work without issue. The electronic components we offer – such as the Cooling Party Controller and Lightweight Battery – will need to be tested and evaluated in more depth before we can with confidence whether those will port right over or not.

MPP Parts We Believe Will Fit Highland:

  • Coilovers (confirmed!)
  • All suspension arms
  • All brake components
  • Wheel spacers, studs, lug nuts
  • MPP Mega Mesh Wheels

Confirmed MPP Parts That Fit Highland:


  • MPP Coilovers
  • MPP Solid Front Lower Control Arm Bearings


  • MPP Page Mill 365mm Big Brake Kit
  • MPP.R Stoptech Big Brake Kit – 368/380mm

Get A Discount For Confirming Fitment:

If you purchase parts for your Highland, install them, and provide the required feedback before anyone else, you’re eligible for a 25% discount. The discount will be applied to the parts that you help us confirm fitment on! The offer is on a first come first serve basis – and there will only be one discount per part. Once someone provides us the feedback, that part will no longer be eligible for a discount, and we will update this page. If you don’t see the product listed under the “Confirmed Parts That Fit Highland” heading above, then we have not confirmed fitment on the part in question and the discount is available! The required feedback is as follows:

  • Detailed photos of the MPP component/vehicle interface for all components installed
  • Confirmation that the parts fit without any interference or installation difficulty
  • Feedback after driving to validate

The first customer to provide feedback will receive a 25% refund on the price paid for the part, not including shipping. This offer is eligible for both dealers and end users.

Please do not order parts assuming you will get the discount – as the car becomes more popular, many customers will likely be ordering parts, and we can’t account for or notify every party who is interested in confirming the fitment of each component. Feel free to email us with any questions if you’re interested, and we can give you an idea of whether or not there are others currently confirming fitment on the product(s) in question.

Refund If Parts Purchased Do Not Fit:

Feel free to order parts with confidence for your Highland. If any part you order for your Model 3 Highland doesn’t fit, we will refund you the full purchase price, even if you have already attempted installation. No problem if the parts are slightly scuffed up or the original packaging is not used. We appreciate the help in trying to confirm the fitment of our products!

Please note that we are unable to refund you for lost time or costs to an installer. So if you’d rather play it safe, feel free to wait until we’ve confirmed fitment with the listing above.