Hello everyone! I hope you’re all having a great week so far. This is just a quick email update about some new and exciting things we’ve been working on here at MPP. The weeks seem to go by like days, and that is quite likely because we have so many awesome new projects to work on. From the new Ludicrous / Highland Model 3 Performance to the Rivian and Cybertruck parts development, not to mention the new carbon fiber manufacturing we’re starting – a lot is happening!

2024 Model 3 Performance vs 2021 – Drag Race and Data Analysis

To start with, our good friend Chris just received his 2024 Model 3 Performance and on the very same day of delivery he was out drag racing it against his 2021 – both cars were equipped with data analysis so we did a quick video with Chris discussing our findings of the power profile of the new car, and Chris made a great video from the strip comparing the two cars.

The good news is that all of the additional power is applied to the rear axle, which will make the car a lot of fun to drive! In addition, the power carries to a much higher speed than the previous generation Model 3. This is great for the track-day crowd – those Porsche’s and BMW’s won’t be pulling away from you quite so fast anymore!

You can view the full technical article along with a video of Chris drag racing and another of the data analysis here

MPP’s New Model 3 Carbon Fiber Front Lip

Next up is our new carbon fiber manufacturing startup in Spain. Along with our good friend Guille, who has designed the bodywork for our hybrid electric racecar (KERS Kels), we are starting to make proper prepreg “dry” carbon fiber components. The first product we started working on was a subtle carbon fiber lip for road use.

The lip builds on the blunt nose design of the Model 3 and really gives the car a strong bold look without being overly busy or ridiculous. The Model 3 is a clean car without a ton of lines, and we feel most of the aftermarket lips out there are a bit too “Wings West” for the rest of the vehicle.

MPP Model 3 in Spain with a carbon fiber front lip

Our first pre-production lips are coming out of the mold as I write this post and we’re hoping to have the first run ready to sell this summer. We won’t list the parts for sale until we have some ON HAND IN STOCK – and from there the stock situation will be determined entirely by demand. On one hand, we hope to be able to keep them in stock, but on the other hand, having a popular product that is hard to keep in stock wouldn’t be a bad problem either!

Tesla Model 3 Carbon Fiber Lip with Carbon Fiber Aero Covers

These photos are from Cartagena, Spain where we competed in a Time Attack event last month. The lip worked perfectly and we received many positive comments on it. And the beautiful town made for a great backdrop for an evening photoshoot!

Modified Tesla Model 3 with a body kit

Rivian Billet Door Sills

Last up is one of our first Rivian products we started development on – billet aluminum door sills. This is a product that you most certainly don’t need, but you might want. Upon picking up our Rivian I instantly scratched the corner of the unprotected door sill with my shoes. Shaking my head and wondering why Rivian didn’t put a sill here, we decided we should make our own. But, being MPP, we decided to cut the sills out of a block of billet aluminum.

Rivian billet aluminum door sill plates

Some added grooves match up with the design of Rivian’s inner plastic door sill, and the sill plates taper down to thin points at the ends for a smooth transition to the body. An overkill part no doubt, but something to bring a smile to your face whenever you open the door of your Rivian.

We’ll have the front version available for pre-order soon if anyone is interested in these sill plates! The rears will follow down the road.

Rivian MPP billet aluminum door sill plate

KERS Kels Updates

It’s already June and that means Grid Life Circuit Legends is just around the corner. KERS Kels needs some upgrades, and this year it’s all about weight reduction. We’re going after heavy bits of the car and rebuilding them with lighter materials. In addition, we’re updating the suspension to reduce weight, improve geometry and increase stiffness.

The main undertaking was to redesign the rear suspension entirely. We wanted to keep the original “spirit” of the car, so the complete rear suspension is more or less a “bolt-in” upgrade to the original rear subframe. The uprights are redesigned to be stiffer, with an improved roll center and bump steer curve for our application. The suspension links have also been redesigned to be lighter and stiffer.

The arms have finished machining and the remaining parts (the most difficult!) are the rear uprights. We can’t wait to get these parts on the car!

Another project was to redesign the front ductwork to improve sealing, add front downforce, and provide more of a ram-air effect to the engine intakes. This ductwork also houses two flat-panel air filters. These parts are currently being 3d printed and we’ll evaluate whether we can just run them in high-temperature Nylon, as that would save a lot of time and money compared to making them all carbon.

Next up, we are having a carbon fiber driveshaft produced to replace the steel unit Kels currently has. The trouble was the needed flanges were not available and we absolutely did NOT want to use adapters on a shaft that spins at 9000 rpm beside a high voltage battery. We designed and produced our own yokes for the driveshaft that interface directly with the Xtrac transmission and differentials:

So as you can see, lots of upgrades going on – hopefully we can get them all on the car in time before Lime Rock!

If you’re in the Northeastern US we would love to see you out at Gridlife for Time Attack and the Model 3 Challenge. The event takes place August 16-17 so mark your calendar!

A huge thank you to the team at our machine shop for finding time to make all of these Kels parts in between all of the MPP production parts that are running!!