If you’ve purchased our MPP.R Rear Subframe Inserts, we thank you supporting MPP as always! These inserts are super easy to install, follow the directions below and you’ll have no problem.

NOTE: It is easiest to do one corner at a time, while leaving one bolt loose to allow the subframe to lower without fully hanging off unsupported.

Installation Instructions:

Time Required: 1.0 hours
Tools Required: Metric socket set, two jacks or hoist, flat-heat screwdriver
Difficulty Level: 3/10

Step 1 – Raise car, remove wheels and undertray

  • Raise both sides of the car, ideally using a hoist.
  • Remove the rear undertray

Step 2 – Install Front Subframe Spacers:

  • Remove the front subframe lower support bracket (2x 13mm head bolts)
  • Remove one front subframe bolt (1x 21mm head bolt)
  • Loosen the rear subframe bolt (1x 21mm) but DO NOT REMOVE!
  • Install the insert labeled “FRONT UPPER” on the top of the front subframe bushing.
  • Install the insert labeled “FRONT LOWER” on the bottom of the rear subframe bushing.
  • Re-install the lower bracket, leaving the 2 13mm bolts loose.
  • Install the 21mm bolt but leave it loose (0.5″ gap or so)

Step 3 – Install Rear Subframe Spacers:

  • Fully remove the rear subframe bolt (previously loosened in step 2)
  • Using a screwdriver, remove the lower washer from the bottom side of the subframe bushing
  • Install the insert labeled “REAR UPPER” on top of the rear subframe bushing
  • Install the insert labeled “REAR LOWER” on the bottom of the rear subframe bushing
  • Tighten both front and rear evenly and torque to 95lb-ft (128Nm)
  • Tighten the front 13mm bolts to 22lb-ft (30Nm)

Step 4 – Repeat On The Other Side

  • Simply repeat these steps on the other side of the car
  • It’s a good idea to paint mark the bolts and torque-check them after your next track day
  • Enjoy and let us know how the rear end feels on track next time you tackle some high-speed corners!

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