Hello my dearest MPP friends! Here is a quick update for you all before you go off to enjoy your weekend. We have some exciting news, we have finally finished the validation of our Model Y Comfort Coilover kit! Not only that, but our first Solar Sponsorship winner, Rick K, has finished the installation of his ground-mounted solar install, and we’re off to California next week for the first of the West Coast Model 3 Challenge events with Gridlife! Oh, and we also have the new Model 3 Facelift for Assetto Corsa available for download. Let’s dig into it,

Model Y Comfort Coilovers

It’s been a long time coming, this has been a kit that we originally intended to develop in parallel with our comfort adjustable kit and release at the same time, but due to the global situation at the time and supply shortages, it was all but impossible. Well, thanks to KW’s help we’ve now completed this kit and are so happy with how it turned out. The ride quality is better than we could have hoped for and we can’t wait to hear the feedback from the community on it. The suspension is more supple than our Comfort Adjustable kit while retaining stable body control. If your focus is on daily driving, this is the kit for you! You can learn more about the kit and get in on our introductory pricing here

Solar Update

In what must be record time, one of the recipients of our Solar Sponsorship for 2023 has already completed the installation and is already producing almost 100kWh of energy per day. Rick’s ground-mounted installation looks great, and we’re proud to be able to help support Rick in bringing this system to life. We can’t wait to hear about all of the people he inspires with this system, and we have no doubt he’ll help get more people converted over to clean energy living as a result of the example he leads. It’s cheaper, cleaner, and longer lasting. There’s really no argument against EVs and solar.

West Coast Model 3 Challenge Party Starts Next Week!

For all of our LA-based customers and friends, we hope to see you out at Willow Springs next weekend for Grid Life’s first-ever West Coast event. We’ll be running our Model 3 Challenge along with Gridlife, and while it’s likely a little late to join if you haven’t already signed up, we would still love to meet you out there at the track! You can come as a spectator, or even just join the HPDE open-lapping.

Shortly after the Willow Springs event will be Laguna Seca, and we’re excited to be bringing our hybrid-electric GT racecar to this event. The car did great at Lime Rock as we reported in our last email, and with some upgrades for Laguna Seca we are hopeful it will do well at this legendary track as well!

Model 3 Refresh “MPP.R” for Assetto Corsa

Thanks to the help of our 3D modeling friends at Mamiya Motors, we’ve created a totally new version of our MPP.R Model 3 for Assetto Corsa. Imagine a fully modified “Refresh” Model 3, not only with our existing modifications but also with a subtle and clean aero kit that makes the stoic, bland lines of the new Model 3 even more exaggerated and in a way more aggressive. Let us know your thoughts, because we plan on making this aero kit a reality in the coming months!

You can download the new car by visiting our Discord page. All of the information you need can be found here. We hope you enjoy the new car. That’s all we’ve got for now!