What Is The Model 3 Challenge?

Model 3 Challenge, presented by Mountain Pass Performance, is an accessible series for those looking to grow into wheel-to-wheel racing with EVs. Racing with equal cars means it’s all down to the driver and car setup.

A unique format allows for a close battling experience without the risk of full wheel-to-wheel racing, and a lower barrier to entry as road-going cars can be used.

Starting in 2023, the series will run at select Gridlife events and is currently accepting pre-entry reservation slots. You can learn more about the series and car requirements at the Model 3 Challenge website, which is linked below:


For 2023, the series will have two west coast events, and one east coast event, along with two warm up events on the east coast.

The Lime Rock and Laguna Seca events will be the main feature events, and it will absolutely incredible to be in there alongside the Gridlife Festival experience, which draws in thousands of spectators and competitors for a weekend motorsports party filled with music, racing, time attack and drifting. We are truly honored to be able to join in on the action with Gridlife.

Car Requirements:

The car build required to run in Model 3 Challenge is relatively simple, and consists mostly of bolt ons at a minimum. A cooling party controller is required for the power-limiting feature that we have designed which allows the vehicles to run without overheating.

For more information, and to stay up to date, please visit the Model 3 Challenge website. The rulebook contains specific details regarding car requirements, and you can pre-register for whichever events you’re interested in there. 


To thank you for investing the time and energy into joining the Model 3 Challenge, our goal is to make sure you’ve received 10% off of all of the MPP purchases you’ve made for your Model 3 Challenge car.

We are offering this in the form of a rebate, so that even existing customers who have had MPP products can benefit from this rebate! The refund is spread over three events, as can be see below. After that, for any additional purchases for your Model 3 Challenge car within one year of your last event, just email us and we’ll get you a coupon code for 10% off parts for your challenge car.

NOTE 1: The MoTeC dash kit is not eligible for this discount, as per MoTeC’s policy of not allowing sales below retail.


NOTE 2: The event count carries over one year. So as long as you do three events in two years, you receive the full rebate!