Thank you for purchasing our MPP 1.75″ Suspension Lift Kit! This is a short instructional guide on installing the kit properly. You’ll love the increased ride height, it will help you clear steep driveways and make entry and exit of the car a breeze.

Difficulty Level: 3/5, Time Required: RWD – 3.0 Hours/ AWD – 4.0 Hours 

NOTE: For safety, only licensed mechanics should be allowed to work on braking and suspension systems.

Tools & Equipment Required:

  • Impact Gun or Breaker Bar to remove wheels
  • 1/2″ Torque Wrench
  • Socket + Wrench Set
  • Floor Jack or Transmission Jack
  • Jack Stands
  • Grinding Tools
  • Optional: Ground down 13mm socket for front damper hardware

Kit Contents

Inspect your kit to ensure you have all pieces before taking the car apart. The kit includes:

  • (2) Front Spacers
  • (2) Rear Spacers
  • (4) Rear Damper Spacers
  • (6) M8 Bolts
  • (6) M8 Nuts
  • (4) M10 Bolts
  • (2) Rear Spacer Gaskets

Installation Instructions:


The rear is very straightforward, the most important step is retorquing the bushings at ride height, not at full droop!

  • Lift car, remove rear wheels.
  • Support the bottom of the lower control arm/spring arm with a jack.
  • Loosen and remove the 21mm bolt holding the lower control arm to the knuckle.
  • Loosen and remove the 21mm bolt holding the damper to the lower control arm.
  • Loosen and remove the 2 M10 bolts attaching the top of the damper to the body. 
  • Remove the rear damper.
  • Remove the clips from the rear damper bolts and remove the bolts. Label and save them in case you need to revert back to stock as these will be replaced during the lift kit install.
  • Slowly lower the jack, allowing the lower control arm to pivot downwards and release the spring. Be careful!
  • Tilt the top of the spring out, and insert the rear spacer into the top of the spring, keeping the stock rubber spring isolator on the spring.
  • Place the rubber gasket on top of the spacer, and reinstall the spring/spacer assembly.

Rear spacer installed in combination with our coilovers. The stack-up order from bottom to top will be: stock rubber isolator, spring, stock rubber isolator, spacer, spacer gasket.

  • Install the rear damper with the 2 rear damper spacers on top of the upper mount. Use the provided M10 bolts from the kit to secure the damper to the body. Torque to 55lb-ft. (33lb-ft for Model Y)

Rear damper spacers installed on top of rear damper mount using longer M10 bolts.

Rear damper installed in car with provided spacers and bolts.

  • Use the jack to raise the lower control arm back into place, making sure the spring and spacer assembly locates properly on the body.
  • Loosely install the lower damper bolt, and the lower control arm to knuckle bolt. NOTE: Take care not to pinch or damage the balljoint on the outer knuckle as you’re jacking up the control arm!
  • Use the jack to raise the rear knuckle to ride height, and torque the two 21mm bolts to 80ft-lb.
  • Repeat on the other side!
  • Install and torque wheels to 130ft-lb.


The front spacer install is very straight forward as well. We are just bolting the spacer onto the top of the front damper assembly and reinstalling.

  • Jack up or raise the car on a hoist and remove the wheels.
  • Remove frunk – see the video on how to do this here
  • With optional socket– Using ground down 13mm socket remove top nuts on OEM damper.
  • Without optional socket – Remove 13mm and 15mm bolts holding upper damper and upper control arm assembly to body.
  • Without optional socket – Remove upper balljoint bolt holding knuckle to the upper control arm and release arm from knuckle.
  • Remove 18mm anti-roll bar end links on both sides, using an Allen key to thread out the anti-roll bar end link while holding the 18mm nut.
  • Remove 21mm lower damper bolt.
  • Push down on lower control arm/knuckle assembly and slide the damper out of the car.
  • Without optional socket – Separate the damper from the upper control arm assembly by removing the three 13mm nuts on the top.
  • Install the front spacer on the top hat of your damper using the provided M8 nuts. Install and thread all 3 nuts at the same time, if you install and tighten one first you won’t be able to fit the other nuts in!
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: 2023 vehicles may have longer studs pressed into the top hat. These will need to be ground down enough to ensure the MPP spacer seats properly on the top hat. 

Front spacer installed on damper top hat.

  • Without optional socket- Install damper/spacer assembly into upper control arm assembly using the three provided M8 Bolts, torque to 22ft-lb.
  • With optional socket- Install damper/spacer assembly into the car and use the provided M8 bolts to secure the spacer to upper control arm assembly/strut tower using the ground down 13mm socket.
  • Assemble in reverse order.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE FOR AWD: Check front driveshaft clearance to subframe/lower control arm hardware. If it is touching you may need to remove a small amount of material from the lower control arm nut/bolt so the driveshaft has no chance of touching. It would only touch at full droop (if the car is airborne) but it is recommended to make sure it can’t. 

Front damper installed with lift kit spacer. Pretty isn’t it?

  • Torque lower damper bolt to 80lb-ft at ride height using a jack to raise the lower control arm.
  • Torque upper control arm to knuckle bolt to 40lb-ft.
  • Torque sway bar end link to 55lb-ft.
  • Torque wheels to 130lb-ft.

You’re done! An alignment is required now that you have installed this kit. If you have any questions about the install, please email us. Thank you!