Well, as 2019 is coming to a close it’s time again for our yearly review. It’s been an incredible year for us at MPP and it’s all thanks to our incredible customers and our awesome team.

We’re coming off of a Black Friday sale that was almost ten times larger than we could have imagined, so thank you to all of you guys (and gals) who put your faith in us to produce parts that make your Model 3 more fun to drive. We have to apologize for running out of stock of just about everything – we weren’t expecting it!

We are extremely lucky to have, arguably, the best base of customers of any aftermarket sector in the automotive business. We all love electric cars and got into this not just because the car is cool, but because we’re connected on another level in terms of moving to a more sustainable way of living, without sacrificing our fun and enjoyment of the automobile.

I would say that is the main thing that makes what we do so much more satisfying than anything we’ve done before. We love hearing about all of your incredible stories and the different things you all do with your cars, and the people you inspire with them. Whether it’s drag racing, going on long road trips and documenting the journey, or putting Porsche’s to shame on the racetrack, it’s all 100.

So – 2019. We launched our AWD coilovers, being the first on the market and we’ve been struggling to keep up ever since announcing them. To this date we haven’t been able to get enough built to fill the demand, and we’ve been working incredibly hard on pushing to get enough made. Our customers have been incredibly understanding and accommodating – and that is something that we don’t take for granted. We anticipate a large production run in late January, so we’re hopeful that we’ll be able to finally build up some stock levels at that point!

We also had an exciting time racing Model 3’s. At the start of the year we were fresh off of our drama from Buttonwillow at the end of 2018, and we wanted our next target to be Laguna Seca. We connected with Cameron again, and this time we added our Front Upper Control Arms, front and rear Page Mill 2pc rotors and Michelin racing slicks – with the goal of being the fastest production electric car to hit the track (note we define production car as something that uses a production body – the same interpretation used industry-wide).

This was my first time driving at Laguna Seca, so it was looking to be quite a challenge to learn the track and set a lap record on the same day – but it was almost easy with how well the Model 3 handles and how predictable it is. Also, full credit to iRacing for the insane accuracy of their track models. It was 100%, and the hundreds if not thousands of laps I’ve done there in the sim certainly helped!

Once the slicks went on, almost straight away we did a 1:37.5, setting the fastest production electric car ever at the time (our time was later narrowly beat out by Tesla’s team with the Plaid Model S), and went on to set new records at both Tesla Corsa and ReFuel TT that weekend. Thanks again so much to Cameron for trusting us with his car and letting us push it to that level. There’s more about that entire event here

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Our customers are the best. Bar none. First of all – Thank you Cameron for trusting us with your car once again! Congrats to Danny and Craig on their podium finishes and hauling the mail out there! So many of you guys lent a helping hand, tools, supplies – and we really appreciate it, especially when you could have been working on your own cars. This was by far the best event we’ve been to and the reason is the people! On top of that, the SpeedVentures guys run an incredibly tight ship. Super well organized. Thank you! @speedventures @dumbyellowdog @izetm3 @sofiaanf @alexmunoz92107 @rayjay510 @karrrlosss @zaffy3000 Tag anyone we are missing – we couldn’t find any more IG handles More to come!

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Our customers and friends, Bennet, Isaac, Danny and Craig (and more!), kept up the pressure long after we had left California, bringing the Model 3 into the 1:58’s at Buttonwillow and generally being the fastest cars at every Tesla Corsa event they attended.

In fact, another TC event just passed yesterday with Bennet taking the top step with a 1:58.858, just narrowly edging out Craig who put down a 1:59.082. That’s just over a tenth of a second difference! How fun is that!

John Laughlin, a Performance Model 3 owner that we support, did an incredible job in the Optima Street Car Challenge, basically dominating in Auto-X and being fastest overall at a few events – beating out some wild purpose-built American muscle. John would go on to win the GTE category, not to mention almost winning overall! We’re super proud of how John did and we look forward to supporting him further in 2020 with his Model 3. This was such a great venue to show the capabilities of electric cars, and the Model 3 specifically. I think John is making a lot of believers out there!

Check out this video with side-by-side comparison of a nicely sorted C5 Vette versus John’s Model 3! John is on the hustle and you can see how his fast hands are making quick work of the Model 3 – getting it pointed and applying face-melting acceleration out of every corner. You can give John a follow on Instagram here to follow everything he’s up to.

Things started heating up around the world, not just in the USA, with some of our customers attending track-days at historic circuits like Spa Franconchomps and Mont-Tremblant just to name a couple. We’ve sold parts all over the world now and we’re loving meeting and hearing about how people love the Model 3 all over this green and blue marble.

Speaking of hearing feedback, one of the highlights of 2019 was going to the Speed Academy lapping day and taking people for rides in the MPP Model 3’s. Jesse and I must have cycled through 30 people each, and I don’t think a single person left without a smile on their face. Here’s that video if you haven’t already seen it. It was a lot of fun!

But let’s not forget, our products were designed for the road, while still having incredible on-track abilities. Hundreds and hundreds of Model 3 owners have been enjoying our products and emailing us regularly to share their stories about their cars with us. We’ve posted a few on our site, but we aim to do a better job in 2020 featuring more of your awesome cars, what you do with them, and who you share them with. With that said, please send us some photos and videos of your car and we’d love to highlight it!

We’ve been working hard on our Hybrid 350z, and we achieved our goal of getting it running and on the dyno before the end of the year. Everything was going incredibly well… until it wasn’t. We had a minor issue with the gearbox suddenly engaging a gear which applied enough shock to shear the adapter shaft between the engine and the hybrid motor.

We’ll get it up and running again soon, and in 2020 we will co-brand it with MPP and OnPoint Dyno logos and really blend the two companies with what will be one of the first privately built hybrid racecars.

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Kels the Hybrid 350Z. Testing the new pneumatic shift setup in EV mode. All controlled with @motec_global electronics! #mountainpassperformance #tune #xtrac #motec

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As far as new products for 2020 go, we’re working hard on our party box behind the scenes. We hit a roadblock with our current unit not being quite powerful enough, and have totally pivoted to a different microprocessor. That work is coming along and as with the original unit, we’ll release the first version to a small group and grow it from there. Keep in mind – these units are designed for off-road use only.

We’re also starting development on a front big brake kit for those that are really pushing their cars to the limit on the track. As we’ve always told people, we’ll continue to develop products as the community grows and gets to the limits of our street-focused products. If something comes to mind, don’t hesitate to let us know. If the demand is there (or we believe it will be there in the future) we’ll make it!

That’s about all we can say for now. Thank you again to all of you that have supported MPP, we look forward to bringing you more in 2020 and can’t wait to see what kinds of incredible things you all get up to with your cars. We’re excited for the Model Y, and to get back to California to see some of you all! Have a great Christmas and New Years everyone!