While we don’t have any models to pose for our 2020 Fall collection, we think you’ll find the new products we’re releasing to be pretty good looking!

We’ve had a few bits in the works for what feels like forever now, and it’s time to share with you all. Let’s start with our MPP.R rear drive unit oil cooler. This was just teased on Instagram, and we’ve now completed a track test with a proper A-B comparison both with and without the oil cooler, holding the exact same starting temperatures and state of charge for both tests. The results are very promising – this thing pulls a ton of heat out of the system! We’ll share all of the data on the product page once the kit is available for order.

Also on the car during our track test was our Rear Performance Big Rotor upgrade – something out of the box that we’re quite proud of. Upgrading the rear brakes has always been a challenge since the rear caliper has an integrated parking brake. We’ve come up with a billet outer clamshell that allows us to use the OEM caliper on the inside (so the parking brake is retained), while allowing the use of a much thicker rotor. If you know MPP, you know that we’re all about rotor airflow! By more than doubling the air vane area inside the rotor, cooling is massively improved. We’re confident you’ll be hard-pressed to overheat these rear brakes with quality pads.

Oh, and it also looks the business. We’re confident you guys will really like it and are currently deciding whether to offer it in painted red to match the OE caliper, or hard anodized to match our MPP.R Stoptech brake kit. Other than that, we’re about ready to offer them for pre-order! Please shoot us an email and let us know which color you’d prefer.

On the Model Y side of things, we have a front skid-plate we’re just finishing up. We’ve done a few prototypes, one of which has already taken some heavy abuse by our friend Brian at i1 Tesla! This skid plate is a must-have if you’re taking your Y off-roading or Overlanding, as it adds some additional protection to the front of the battery where the plastic coolant lines reside. The undertray fits flush into the OEM mounting points, so aerodynamically there is no loss of efficiency with the skid plate.

Lastly, for all of you who have been waiting on the Partybox – we finally have some back in stock and expect them to be available and in stock moving forward. We’re sending emails out to interested parties today, but if you haven’t already been in touch and want one just shoot us an email. This product will likely not be posted on the website for sale 🙂

Lastly! If you have an interest in our Hybrid 350z racecar, you’ll be excited to know that we have just posted a time inline with some of the fastest GT3 Cars at Mosport. Our re-wound motor was putting out a healthy 150 horsepower, making the car an absolute rocket, and the aerodynamic upgrades we brought in 2019 really came to life.

With paddle-shift and seemingly unlimited grip on an otherwise empty track, this was nothing short of a video game. Watch the video below to get an appreciation for the ridiculous speed that this car has and that Mosport allows – the highest speed corners in North America!

It’s almost impossible to explain what it is like driving this car, and the satisfaction from having the level of technology that we do in the car and having it just work so well even early in the development cycle. Kels is very close to being a totally sorted racecar as it used to be (when it had 350 less horsepower!), despite only having two test days this year after effectively an entirely new powertrain and electrical system were installed. Driving it is just total sensory overload. The sound, the acceleration, the grip, all of it is just too much.

I actually had to train weeks in advance of our test day at Mosport, because in 2019 my shoulders got exhausted after only 2 laps. The car produces over 2G’s throughout nearly the entire track, and almost 2.5G’s in the compressions. That means that in addition to my body weight pushing down on me, I have 2.5 times that force pushing me sideways into the seat! Even with power steering, with the 12″ slicks and the low offsets, the steering forces are very high.

Even more satisfying is knowing that we’ve blown through our best time from last year on our first attempt, and with electric power! While this is certainly not the fastest time attack car in the world, we have no doubt this is the fastest privately built racecar of its kind to lap Mosport, and we’re proud to say it was done with the assistance of electric power!

Have a great Halloween everyone, and if you haven’t already, GO VOTE!