Good afternoon friends! It’s that time of year again, Black Friday sale mania. But along with reporting on our yearly Black Friday sale, we also have some news to share with you about our final event with Gridlife for the year at Laguna Seca, along with some news about our MPP Mega Mesh wheels!

Gridlife Laguna Seca:

To start with, let’s talk about Laguna. It was one of those amazing weekends that we’ll remember forever, and we have to send a special thank you out to all of our MPP friends and customers who came out to visit and race with us. The Model 3 Challenge was wild all weekend, with Drew and Steven chasing each other and passing back and forth right until the very end. In fact, the entire season championship came down to only a few meters in the final race.

Check out the live stream below of the final race of the Model 3 Challenge. The link should bring you to the correct timestamp, but if not you want to seek to 10:01:40!

In addition to the exciting Model 3 Challenge racing action, the MPP Plaid.R was at Laguna and was flying. Andy led the TrackMod class all weekend (consisting of heavily modified Porsches, Vipers, new Supras) and set the fastest TrackMod time of the weekend. In the Podium Sprint, the battery wasn’t quite warmed up, resulting in a large power drop, but Andy still managed to finish 3rd, less than 4 tenths away from winning!

Finally, our hybrid electric 350z (KERS Kels) really came together at Laguna. With a number of updates since Lime Rock, the Z was faster and better than ever. We made some aerodynamic updates that show us up over 20% total downforce in the CFD, with almost no additional drag. With the growing confidence in our new custom high-voltage battery, we pushed the hybrid system to over 170 horsepower for the first time! It all came together, and on only the 5th lap of the weekend, Kels put down a 1:22.6, enough to break the production car lap record by over 5 seconds and set a new Gridlife record.

Later in the weekend Kels had a hybrid motor sensor failure, meaning we had to run the rest of the event on the engine only, carrying the 200lb hybrid system around like ballast! Despite that, we were still able to finish the podium sprint competition in 1st place against some very capable machinery. We were up against the likes of full-on production factory built racecars, such as a Mercedes AMG GT3 racecar, a KTM GT2 racecar, and even an LMP3 car. There was one car at the event faster than Kels, and that was Robin Shute’s open-wheel Pikes Peak racecar. To put it in perspective, he was going up against the all-time Laguna Seca lap record previously set by a Ferrari Formula 1 car!

In addition to the on-track action, Gridlife also puts on a fantastic show and a concert headlined by T-Pain singing about rotary engines made us all smile (especially considering there are a few rotary engine enthusiasts on our crew). If you weren’t able to make it out this year, we couldn’t recommend it enough. Be sure to make it out to a Gridlife festival next year if you’re passionate about cars and motorsports, because you’ll see a vibrant community of kind, passionate, and fun people all celebrating a common love. From all of us at MPP, thank you to Gridlife for allowing us at MPP to be part of your incredible events, and helping us share the future of the automotive industry with your audience. Some love it, some hate it, but we hope that our hybrid 350z brings them all together as Kels has the best of both worlds – a wildly strung-out naturally aspirated engine, and a state-of-the-art electric drive.

Here’s a video of some onboard of the 350z at Laguna Seca, with very in-depth telemetry overlay including not just the hybrid system information, but also information from the tire temperature monitoring system (both internal and external), four-wheel steering system, and front suspension load cell data. This one is for the nerds! Later in the video, you can follow the buildup from lap 1 to the fastest lap of the weekend (lap 5), to see just how quickly the speed builds simply due to the use of our Assetto Corsa model allowing rapid learning of the car and track in real life.

Mega Mesh Wheels Now In Stock!

Throughout the year we’ve been teasing and promoting our Mega Mesh wheels, and everyone who pre-ordered and opted for air shipping received their wheels and were able to enjoy them over the summer. We’re happy to announce that our container shipment has arrived and we now have both sizes and colors of our Mega Mesh wheels in stock and available to ship same day. So if you’re looking for wheels for your Model 3 or Y, look no further – Mega Mesh wheels were purpose-designed for these cars by us, and are manufactured by Braid, a company with a deep racing heritage in rally and Dakar from Spain.

Black Friday 2023:

Now for our Black Friday sale. If you’ve known about MPP for some time you’ll know that we tend to do our largest sale of the year around Black Friday time, and this year is no different. However, this year we are also going to be clearing out some of our “less than perfect” inventory to give you the opportunity to get aesthetically blemished parts at a significant discount from retail. If you don’t care about how your skid plate looks (it’s called smash me for a reason), or you’re not overly worried about mismatched anodizing, then this sale will be for you.

We also have some overstock of RWD comfort coilover kits in a very slightly older spec. We can no longer sell these kits as “new” on our website, but if you’re looking for a mega deal on coilovers, this is it. Note that we will open the boxes and update the kits so they will match the newer specs. Both the coilovers and blemished parts will have limited quantities available, and once the inventory runs out the coupon code will no longer work. So if you get a message that the code isn’t working – that is because we’ve sold out!

Our Black Friday sale will run from 12:01 am Monday, Nov 20. to Midnight Sunday, Nov 26.

Black Friday Coupon Codes:

stopme – 8% off all MPP brake upgrades

mppstoptech – $400 off MPP/Stoptech Big Brake Kit

doubleadjustablesuspension – $200 off all MPP sports and comfort adjustable coilovers

blueisbest – 10% off most everything else (excluding the above, Mega Mesh wheels, MoTeC, and electronics)

For blemished / older version parts:

smashme – 50% off blemished skid plates (limited quantity)

whocaresaboutcoloritshidden50% off blemished/poor anodization Model 3 Master cylinder braces (limited quantity) SOLD OUT

mismatchedbutstilllifts – 40% off blemished/mismatched Model 3/Y lift kits (limited quantity)

comfortrwdmegasale – $500 off Comfort RWD coilovers (original version, limited quantity)

As with previous years, we encourage all of you to consider a donation or some kind of action towards fighting Climate Change. We know it’s somehow become a very political issue (although we can’t understand why, it’s pretty logical to want to have a healthy planet considering there are no alternative options), but regardless of how offensive it may be, we feel it is important to speak up about this issue. This is especially true when we’ve seen a record amount of forest burned in our home country of Canada this year (45.7 million acres burned, more than double a record set in 1989). It’s going to get worse before it gets better.