Thank you for purchasing our MPP Lightweight Battery Kit! This is a short instructional guide on installing the battery properly. You’ll love the weight reduction and getting rid of that silly lead acid battery! We spent lots of time designing and testing this kit, we hope you love it as much as we do.

Tools & Equipment Required:

  • 1/4″ 10mm Socket
  • 1/4″ Ratchet
  • 10mm Wrench
  • 4mm Hex Key
  • 5mm Hex Key
  • T25 Torx Bit

Installation Instructions:

Remove Frunk:

Pop the hood (frunk) and remove the trim, exposing the stock battery. If you aren’t familiar with this procedure, please have a look at our instructional video here:

Remove Stock Battery

  • Using your 10mm wrench or socket, loosen and remove the negative battery cable first, setting is safely aside.
  • Using your 10mm wrench or socket, loosen and remove the postiive battery cable. Wrap it with electrical tape before moving it aside to prevent it from sparking on exposed metal.
  • Using your 10mm wrench or socket, loosen and remove the battery hold down bracket.
Loosening Battery Hold Down Bracket
  • Pull out and set aside the battery vent hose, it is no longer needed. You can zip tie it out of the way.
  • Lift the battery out of the car
Empty Battery Compartment
  • Using your T-25 Torx bit, loosen and remove the rear battery hold down bracket and remove it
Rear Battery Hold Down Bracket Removal

Assembling the MPP Lightweight Battery Kit

  • Drop the two provided countersunk bolts into the two holes in the centre of the bracket
  • Using a 5mm hex key and 10mm wrench, install the thin jam nuts on the bottom side of the bracket, tighten them.
Countersunk bolts installed in bracket with thin nuts.


The thick blue washers will be installed on these through the bottom of the stock battery holder. Make sure the recess of the blue washer goes over the thin nut, and the flat side faces the ground.

Example: Blue washer installed flat side down, with serrated M6 nut (assembled out of car)
  • Install the hold down cord on one side of the bracket using the M5 cap screw and 4mm hex key
  • Place the battery in the bracket
  • Stretch the cord over, and install the second M5 cap screw in the bracket, securing the battery to the bracket.
Battery strapped into bracket, 4mm hex key in view
  • Using 5mm hex key, installed the included battery terminals on the positive and negative locations of the battery

Install the Lithium Ion Battery In The Car

  • Place the battery/bracket into the car. It will index in the stamping of the tray.
  • Make sure to orient the positive terminal with the positive cable!
Battery installed with positive and negative terminals in correct orientation
  • Using a 10mm wrench or socket, install the blue washers underneath the tray using the supplied M6 serrated nuts. Your arm will fit in the right side and there will be just enough room to turn your wrench or ratchet.
  • Note: Remember to keep the flat side of the blue washers facing down!
  • Tighten the M6 nuts.
Pictured: Jesse installing the blue washers and M6 serrated nuts underneath the battery tray. Try placing your left hand on the crossmember for support, and inserting your right arm as pictured.
  • If for some reason you drop the hardware or can’t accomplish this step, you can lift the front of the car and remove the undertray. This will give you a clear view of the battery tray and also let you recover any dropped hardware.
  • Install the positive battery cable first, then the negative battery cable.
It’s done! The small wire protruding for the battery is for aircraft use, tuck it out of the way or ziptie it up!
  • Install frunk trim

You’re Done!

We hope your install went smoothly, and that you enjoy your new lithium ion battery! We always thought it was silly that the Model 3 has the latest in battery technology, but still used an old fashioned lead-acid battery.

Please enjoy and review the product if you like it!

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