Thanks for purchasing our rear spring arm! Installation is straight forward and there isn’t really anything that should hang you up.

Our cyber rear spring arms do not come with springs or upper spring adjusters unless you’ve ordered them that way. Please be sure you have the correct springs prior to assembly! This kit is intended for customers that already have our coilovers.

Installation Instructions:

Time Required: 1.25 hours
Tools Required: Socket Set, Torque Wrench, 2 Jacks (or Jack + Hoist)
Difficulty Level: 4/10

  • Jack up or raise the car on a hoist and remove the wheels
  • Remove aero-shields under the spring arm (there is one 10mm bolt on each)
  • Place a jack under the spring arm
  • Remove the rear damper lower bolt
  • Remove the outer spring arm to knuckle bolt, using the jack, lower the spring arm to remove the spring.
  • Set the spring perch adjuster to the desired ride height (see rough starting point below based on the spring rate you’re using)
  • Install the rear spring arm with the spring seated in the arm, and the spring perch at the top.
  • Jack the rear spring arm up taking care not to pinch or damage the boot on the rear knuckle bushing. Install damper and rear spring arm outer bolt, but do not torque.
  • Jack the spring arm to ride height and torque the damper and outer bolt.
  • Re-install aero-shield on rear spring arm. It takes a little bit of force to press it up, but that is normal and prevents the shield from vibrating.
Spring Type Suggested Spring Perch Offset
(same measurement method as with our coilover kit – see coilover instructions if you’re not sure)
Comfort 22mm
Sport 30mm
Super Sport 4mm