If you’ve picked up one of our MPP master cylinder braces, thanks for your order! Installation is super easy, and we look forward to hearing what you think once you get the brace installed!


Installation Instructions:

Time Required: 0.5 hours
Tools Required: Socket Set, 5mm Allen Key, 8mm Allen Key, 10mm Wrench, 2x Stubby 13mm Wrench
Difficulty Level: 2/10

  • Remove frunk following our frunk removal video
  • Remove the two bolts highlighted in the picture
  • Fully thread the adjuster into the master cylinder brace
  • Install the master cylinder brace with spacers on the two holes closest to the master cylinder, using the supplied hardware and torque both M10 bolts to 70Nm
  • Install the M6 washer and nut through the hole in the cross member, torque to 15Nm.
  • Thread out the adjuster until the base touches the master cylinder, but do not use the wrench to force the adjuster against the master cylinder.
  • Tighten the 13mm jam nut on the adjuster, ensuring that the brace is touching the master cylinder, but isn’t overly preloaded against it.
  • Marvel at your work
  • Re-install frunk
  • Enjoy!