Thanks for purchasing our compression rod inserts for the Model 3 and Model Y! These are easy to install, but make sure you have the orientation correct!

NOTE: The inserts press from the top-down.


Check out this Installation Video from our friend Chris!

Installation Instructions:

Time Required: 1.5 Hours
Tools Required: 21mm socket, 22mm wrench, 10mm socket, 15mm socket, T45 Torx socket, torque wrench, common hand tools.
Difficulty Level: 2/10

Step 1 – Raise Car & Preperation

  • Lift the front of the vehicle either with two jacks + jack-stands, or ideally with a hoist
  • Remove the front wheels (21mm socket)
  • Remove the front aero shield (10mm bolts, 15mm nuts)

Step 2 – Remove OEM Compression Rods

  • Remove the 21mm bolt from the compression rod to subframe. NOTE: There is a 21mm nut on the top of the subframe that is not secured to the subframe.
  • Remove the 22mm nut from the compression rod to knuckle. NOTE: Use a 22mm wrench and tighten the T45 socket on the compression rod to remove.
  • Slide the compression rod arm out. Move the knuckle end out of the way of the knuckle first, and then articulate the arm away from the knuckle. A pry-bar helps to release it from the subframe!
  • You may wish to remove one at a time for simplification.

Step 3 – Press In Inserts

  • Lubricate the OEM Bushing using soapy water, gel lube, etc.
  • Ensure the ball joint stud is facing downward prior to installing the inserts.
  • Press the inserts into the bushing. NOTE: Make sure they are pressed in from the top-down. You may need to use a rubber mallet to fully insert them.

Step 5 – Reassembly

  • Re-install the arms. First, slide the arm into the subframe and hand-tighten the 21mm nut and bolt. Then, articulate the arm to the knuckle and hand-tighten the 22mm nut.
  • Torque the outboard 22mm balljoint nut to 130lb-ft (175Nm)
  • Torque the inboard 21mm subframe nut and bolt to 85lb-ft (115Nm)
  • Paint mark your bolts
  • Re-install the front aero shield.
  • Install the wheels and lower the car on the ground. Torque the wheels to 130lb-ft (175Nm).
  • An alignment is not required.

That’s it! Enjoy your more responsive and connected front end, and be sure to let us know how you like your compression rod inserts!