If you’ve ordered our new MPP Performance Plaid Front BBK – Thank you very much! We’re sure you’ll enjoy your new Model S brake upgrade. Please pay very close attention to these critical points:

1) The caliper bolts must be torqued correctly. We suggest paint marking the bolts to aid in future inspections

2) The rotors are DIRECTIONAL. Make sure you put them on the correct sides! The curved vanes act as an air pump, sucking air from the center of the rotor and pumping it out at the circumference.

3) The OEM brake line support bracket MUST be adjusted to ensure the brake line is not strained

Installation Instructions:

Time Required: 1.25 hours
Tools Required: Metric Socket set (6mm, 21mm, 22mm), T30 Torx, Tin Snips
Difficulty Level: 3/10

Step 1 – Remove OEM Caliper:

  • Jack up the car and remove the front two wheels
  • Remove the brake line bracket attached to the suspension upright
  • Remove the brake line bracket attached to the damper
  • Remove the OEM caliper (21mm socket) and support it with a bungee cord or similar.

Step 2 – Trim Or Remove The Dust Shield:

  • Note: This step is optional on 2023+ cars due to the dust shields being updated for the Track Pack brakes.
  • After removing the OEM rotor, remove or trim the OEM dust shield. Our suggestion is to remove it by cutting the dust shield.
  • Removing the dust shield can be done either by removing the hub or by cutting the dust shield and bending it to get it out.
  • Unbolt the 3xT30 torx bolts and cut the dust shield at the thinnest part, which will allow removal without removing the hub.
  • If the hub is removed, the axle torque spec is 245 Nm with a 32mm socket. The hub bolts torque to 90 Nm with an 18mm socket.
  • Note: Trimming and/or retaining the dust shield will significantly increase brake temperatures compared to removing it entirely.
Tesla Model S Plaid wheel speed sensor heat protection wrapping and extended wheel studs

Step 3 – Install New Rotor:

  • If you will be going on the track regularly, protecting the wheel speed sensor with some reflective heat protection is a wise idea.
  • Install the MPP rotor – ensuring that you have the correct side!
  • Thread a lug nut onto the rotor to hold it seated and in place, this will make installing the caliper easier.
Tesla Model S plaid brake upgrade larger rotors

Step 4 – Install Caliper With Spacers:

  • You will need to spread the pads apart slightly as the rotor is 1.4mm thicker than stock.
  • Slide the caliper into place and insert the MPP provided caliper spacers
  • Install the MPP provided bolts and washers and slightly snug the bolts, ensuring that the spacers are rotated correctly to match the mounting pads on the OEM caliper
  • NOTE: Tesla has increased the length of the factory caliper hardware, so the MPP hardware is now optional to use
  • Torque to 100lb-ft (135Nm)
Tesla Model S Plaid MPP brake upgrade installation instructions

Step 5 – Adjust Brake Line And Finish

  • If using the OEM brake lines, slide the bracket ~14mm along the hose to ensure that the line is not strained when the bracket is connected.
  • Re-attached bracket to the suspension upright
  • Re-install and torque wheels – 130lb-ft (175 Nm)
  • Bed in the new rotors
  • Enjoy your new Model S brake upgrade! And of course, consider our matching Rear 2pc Rotors to go along with your beautiful new front big brake kit.