If you’ve ordered our new MPP Model S Master Cylinder Brace (2021+) thank you very much! This part is super easy to install BUT you need one special socket before you get started.

A Torx Plus 10EPR is required to remove the OEM ground strapThis is not the same as a normal E-Torx bit!

Installation Instructions:

Time Required: 0.5 hours
Tools Required: Torx EPR #10, Metric wrenches, flat-head screwdriver
Difficulty Level: 2/10

Step 1 – Pop Off Cowl Trim And Prep

  • Remove the OE Cowl trim
  • Fully thread in the adjusting “foot” into the MPP MC Brace
  • Ensure the car is “Powered Off” via the UI
  • Remove the clip holding the 12V power tap in place
  • Pull the 12V cable up and out slightly so that you can slip the MPP brace into place

Step 2 – Install:

  • Use the Torx EPR to remove the bolt securing the ground strap, and rest the ground strap somewhere metalic so that it is still grounded. If you don’t have the socket and want to try Vice-Grips, we wish you the best of luck (it should work?)
  • Slip the MPP brace into place
  • Install the ground strap with the provided M6 bolt – thread in by hand but do not tighten.
  • Insert the provided aluminum foot spacer and hand thread out the adjuster until it just contacts the Master Cylinder, and then preload it 1/6 of a turn to ensure the MC brace is fully seated against the OE strut brace / air tank.
  • Tighten the M6 bolt holding the ground strap fully.
  • Remove the preload from the adjuster foot and set it so that it is just lightly contacting the master cylinder brace, and tighten the lock nut.

EPR Sockets – Where To Buy:

Here are a few resources on where to purchase EPR Torx sockets: