Thank you for ordering our MPP x StopTech big brake kit! We’re sure you’re going to love it. Please pay special attention to the following points:

1) Ensure the studs are totally seated into the bracket prior to tightening the set screw. The stud should sit inside the recess.

2) Do not over-torque
any of the hardware, especially the pad-retaining bridge! Aluminum threads aren’t invincible!

3) The rotors are DIRECTIONAL. Make sure you put them on the correct sides! The curved vanes act as an air pump, sucking air from the center of the rotor and pumping it out at the circumference.

4) This brake kit is intended to be used with our stainless steel brake lines. If you do not already have a set, please contact us to get a set prior to installation!

Installation Instructions:

Time Required: 1.5 hours
Tools Required: Blue Loctite, E18 inverse Torx socket, Torque Wrench, Metric Socket set, Tin Snips, metric Allen keys, Brake Bleeding equipment, Brake fluid.
Difficulty Level: 4/10

Step 1 – Prepare Calipers + Brackets

  • Apply blue Loctite to the studs and hand thread into the supplied bracket. The brackets are located in the rotor boxes.
  • Ensure the studs fully bottom in the recess in the bracket.
  • Install and tighten the set screw in the caliper bracket to retain stud
  • Install pads into calipers, either inserting them from the bottom or by removing the bridge. In the future, the bridge can be removed whenever pads are being swapped, so it is not necessary to remove the caliper when swapping pads!
Stud seating instructions for StopTech MPP ST-60 caliper bracket

Step 2 – Jack Car, Remove Wheels and OEM brakes

  • Jack up the car safely, remove the front wheels.
  • Crack the bleeder screw loose on the OEM caliper, and re-snug. This will make it easier to remove later when the caliper is no longer bolted to the hub.
  • Remove the OEM calipers and hang them using a bungee cord or zipties.
  • Remove the OEM rotors.
  • Remove the OEM dust shield. NOTE: For some later build dates, the backing plate has been changed to fully encompass the hub. You will need to trim off the rearmost section after unbolting to make it removable like the backing plate in our video. The functionality will not be affected at all. 

Step 3 – Install Bracket and MPP Rotor

  • Install the MPP bracket in the orientation shown in the picture below (studs away from the rotor) and torque to 77 lb-ft
  • Install the rotor, ensuring you note the correct side.
  • Install a lug nut by hand (backward so avoid marking up the rotor) to hold the rotor seated, this will make it easier to install the caliper.
  • Install the StopTech caliper, with the bleeders facing up.
  • Install a jet nut onto each stud, with one washer under each nut, torque to 40 lb-ft
Instructions for the MPP caliper bracket, noting to install with the studs facing towards the car.

Step 4 – Swap brake lines

  • Remove the MPP brake line from your OEM caliper and bolt it onto the new StopTech caliper. Inspect the copper crush washers for marks or scratches and replace if they do not look acceptable. Refer to our brake line installation instructions for more detail.
  • If you do not already have MPP brake lines please contact us ASAP so that we can get you the proper brake lines. We HAVE NOT validated this brake kit with OEM brake lines.
  • Remove the OEM calipers and plug the OEM caliper’s hydraulic hole. Do not store OEM calipers with the fittings open as debris can enter the caliper which can be dangerous if the calipers are reused in the future.

Step 5 – Bleed and confirm hydraulic integrity

  • Bleed the calipers with your favorite fluid. Clean the bleeders by plunging an Allen key in the bleeder to displace fluid trapped in the bleeder, and then clean with brake cleaner.
  • Once bled and cleaned, have someone hold the brake pedal as hard as they can for over 60 seconds and carefully inspect the brake line fittings, bleeders, and entire caliper for any signs of fluid sweating or drips. The helper in the car should keep constant pressure on the pedal and report if the pedal is sinking – this would indicate a potential leak in the system.

Step 6 – Party!

  • Re-install wheels, torque to 129 lb-ft. Ensure adequate clearance between the wheel and calipers. A minimum of 3mm is required!
  • Press the brake pedal multiple times to ensure the pads are seated against the rotors.
  • Slowly roll the car forwards and ensure the brakes are functioning and that they feel firm and responsive.
  • Bed the pads in and have fun!
MPP Stoptech STR-60 equipped Model 3 ready to party

Brake Pad Swap Instructions

  • Remove bridge bolts with a 5mm Allen key. Note that the anti-rattle clips will result in some upwards force, so press down on the bridge with your hand to offset this force. Do not use an impact gun on these bolts!
  • Remove one pad and compress the three pistons carefully. Install the new pad.
  • Remove the last pad and compress the last three pistons carefully. Install the final new pad.
  • Bleed the brakes.
  • Install the bridge by inserting an Allen bolt at one end, and then pressing down on the bridge to compress the anti-rattle clip. Insert the last bridge bolt.
  • Install the final two bridge bolts taking care not to properly start the threads. Take care here as there is upwards pressure from the spring clip, so do not thread in the Allen bolts unless they feel good!
  • Starting with the first two middle bolts, torque to 8-10 lb-ft, but be careful if using a torque wrench as they often do not click at such a low setting. Using an Allen key by hand will be suitable.