The time has come. After a long wait we have our Tesla Model 3 – incredibly one of the first cars in Canada! I was incredibly lucky to get a delivery date on the first day of mass deliveries at the International Centre in Toronto, and by 5:00pm on May 30th we were driving away in a brand new, dare I say perfect, pearl white Tesla. It’s the first time I’ve purchased a brand new car and I must say it was an incredible feeling driving away in it.

But the novelty wore off real quick, and we went straight to the dyno to see what it would make. Because anything else would be uncharacteristic of us. After some messing around we discovered that the easiest way to dyno the Model 3 is to unplug a front wheel-speed sensor. You can watch the entire delivery experience and dyno runs on this Video (be sure to subscribe to us on YouTube here – to stay up to date with our videos. We have a lot of How-To and tech videos in the pipeline).

The car put down 335whp at 80% SOC, which is rather impressive! Keep in mind however that the peak power occurs over a very small speed range – the power quickly falls off at higher motor / vehicle speed which is likely why Tesla opted for a lower power rating.

MPP Coilover Final Pricing & Production:

We are proud to announce that we’ve finally nailed everything down with our coilovers and we now have two versions in production. A stainless steel rebound adjustable sport version, which retails for $2350 but is currently on sale for $2250 until June 26th, and a steel non-adjustable comfort version which retails for $1620 but is currently on sale for $1520. Anyone who has already left a $200 deposit will be receiving $200 off of the retail price, so thank you to all who have pre-ordered! Our coilovers will be shipping out to you all

Orders can be made through the website, and our coilovers will be shipping out to those that order by the middle of July. If you’re interested in our suspension arms as well, send us an email and we’ll give you a coupon code for a package discount. More to come very soon!