Our second-ever solar sponsorship is now complete, and we’re excited to announce that we’ve selected two winners. MPP will be covering 50% of the out-of-pocket expenses of the solar (up to $15,000).

For those of you who didn’t apply, you should know that these two winners won by default – we only had two entries! On our last sponsorship, the list of applicants was quite long, and our only presumption was that most didn’t go through the effort of getting quotes as they felt their chances of winning were slim.

Well, I hope you’ve all learned your lesson for next time. You can’t win if you don’t enter!

Let’s look at our two lucky sponsorship recipients:


First, we have Rick from Michigan. Rick is an avid EV enthusiast and owns both a Model S and Model 3. He is passionate about addressing our energy needs and is also a military veteran who has learned first-hand why it’s so important we get off of our reliance on oil – climate change reasons aside.  

Rick spends a lot of time engaging with the community educating them about electric cars, and no doubt will do the same about solar. Rick will be installing a 22-24kW ground-mounted solar array on his property – which features no gas-burning appliances, and the heating source is geothermal. We love it!

As ground-mounted solar is significantly more expensive than roof-mounted, we’ve capped our contribution for this project at $15,000. We can’t wait to see this system come to life and it will be no doubt very satisfying to be producing as much energy as you use! This has a significant impact as well, as the grid in Michigan is quite dirty.

James and Doug:

Next, we have James and Doug from Washington. Also avid EV enthusiasts, they already have a small solar array at their workshop – along with backup batteries! Like Rick, James and Doug are passionate about clean energy and already share with anyone who will listen to the benefits of solar and electric vehicles.

While the energy grid in Washington is fairly clean compared to Michigan, it’s certainly not perfect. James and Doug will be installing a 12kW array on their south-facing roof, and the location of their house is great for solar as it is close to a public beach with a ton of passing traffic, so no doubt they will inspire some passers-by.

Congrats to both of you and we will certainly post some updates once the systems are installed. Thanks for your passion – it’s people like you who make a difference and will help us get onto the right track sooner than later! Remember next time, don’t forget to apply!