Hello dear MPP friends! I wanted to post an update regarding our solar system sponsorship. In order to expand reach for this sponsorship we have switched our MPP E-mail subscription system to Mailchimp, and as a result all previous customers have been included.

Our emails are generally technical articles and new posts on the website, not in your face sales-y type marketing blasts, and they generally only come one or two times a month. Feel free to hit “unsubscribe” if you don’t want to be included in future emails. We won’t be offended!

If you haven’t heard, MPP is interested in sponsoring one of our customers with a complete solar panel system for their home roof to help produce clean energy and promote the uptake of these types of clean energy solutions. You can read all about our “sponsorship” here: https://www.mountainpassperformance.com/solar-roof-giveaway/

So far we haven’t had many quality applications, so we figure that’s either because A) people don’t know about the sponsorship, B) people think it’s too good to be true, or C) people don’t know why they would want a solar roof. Let me address those three points really quickly:

A) People don’t know about the sponsorship. Please spread the word! If you’re not planning to apply yourself, please share this with other MPP customers who might not read our emails or website very often!

B) We’re for real. The selected party will get the roof installed, the installer will send us the bill and we will pay it. Simple as that. Very few people have applied, so if you send in a quality application your chance of winning is insanely high!

C) We assume that everyone that owns a Tesla understands the value of creating their own renewable energy – being energy independent, saving on electricity costs, and making a statement about where you want to source your energy. But in case you don’t know much about solar – here’s a quick primer: Solar roofs require basically no maintenance and will produce clean power for over 20 years. The roof below also tends to last longer, as the panels protect the roof from the sun. The system is connected to the electricity grid, so when your system is producing power you can self consume it or export it back to the grid – getting credit for the electricity you supply to the grid. It’s not like if the sun goes down you have no power!

Solar panels on a building, this could be you if you apply for the MPP solar roof giveaway!

Solar roofs are also available in with black or blue panels, and the darker “black” looking panels blend in with most building facades. Your house will look great even with panels.

We originally had July 15th slated for a deadline on applications, but we are now going to extend that to August 15th to allow those of you that are interested to get a couple of quotes from local solar installers.

So let’s get some applications going and get the highest value placement for a solar system where we can have a significant carbon offset and inspire others to take the same action – drive an electric car fueled by their own clean energy source! Let’s move the needle on the transition to renewable energy together. Small steps are better than no steps.

I hope you’re all doing great!

-Sasha Anis

MPP Solar system giveaway under a crimson sky