Hello dear MPP friends!

It feels like spring is almost here. Today in Toronto, Canada it’s 17 degrees Celsius, the snow is melting and the sun is shining! We’re looking forward to an exciting 2021 – things seem to be improving on all fronts, and we’re hopeful that we’ll be able to move forward from this pandemic and get on to brighter days.  

Despite a difficult last ten or so months, we’re excited to announce that we’ve managed to get nearly all of our products in stock, only a few of our coilover versions (including Model Y) remain backordered. This is the first time we’ve had our Sports AWD coilovers in stock since we released them. We need to thank our suppliers for working so hard despite lockdowns, shutdowns, issues with material procurement and never ending shipping and logistical delays for getting it done and helping us get to this position. We don’t like to make excuses so having the parts in stock and available is a much preferred alternative to saying we don’t know when our parts will be available, and using COVID as an excuse!

We also need to thank all of you that have been patient and understanding with us for the delays that did occur throughout those tough months, and for supporting us during these tough times. We’re very fortunate.

Update On The New MPP Parts:

Our Party Boxes and Cooling Party Controllers have been flying off the shelves, and hopefully we’ll have enough stock to cover any track users that are looking for the benefits that come from removing stability control and from being able to pre-cool your battery during charging or between sessions. If you haven’t read about these devices and you take your car to the track regularly I would recommend having a read through the product pages. We have a significant amount of data there and explain specifically how they work.

Our MPP.R Rear Big Brake Kit has also been a big hit – we have filled all of our initiay orders and currently have the red kit in stock. If you’re looking to upgrade your rear brakes it’s worth taking a look at this kit, as it’s the only big brake upgrade you’ll ever need back there, and apart from being functional and looking good – it stops the annoying pad rattle that often happens with aftermarket pads and the OEM Performance caliper.

Taka's MPP Tesla Model 3 Rear Big Brake Upgrade

Our MPP.R Nür Rear Drive Unit Oil Coolers are being used now by a number of MPP racers and they work great. The next round of cooling upgrades are in the pipeline now and we’re really excited to announce the products very soon! We are confident that with this cooling upgrade 15+ minutes of runtime with a Performance Model 3 will be no issue with no power reduction (other than due to the loss of battery voltage). As it stands now depending on the track layout and ambient temperature, the Oil Cooler and Cooling Party Controller allow almost that much time without limits!

MPP Rear Drive Unit Oil Cooler Upgrade for the Tesla Model 3

Lap Records Falling:

Speaking of the above, we would like to congratulate Dai Yoshihara and the Evasive team on their new lap record of 1:52.8 at Buttonwillow Raceway Park with their Performance Model 3. Dai is a professional Formula D drift driver, so he certainly doesn’t like intrusive nannies trying to keep him from getting a bit sideways.

Even with track mode, Dai found the car extremely intrusive, and the team’s best laptime improved significantly with the addition of the Party Box and a small rear wing. The Cooling Party Controller was also used and that proved useful for running the cooling system at full bore on the track as Track Mode was not used. MPP front upper control arms were installed to get the required front camber, and our MoTeC C125 display and logger kit was used so that the team could capture all of the data they could imagine to evaluate and improve the balance of the car.

Now – I should mention that the Party Box doesn’t guarantee you’ll be faster – but it does show that the potential is there. It’s also useful in determining if there is a balance issue that might be masked by stability control. Our good friend Isaac has realized that his car has too much aero oversteer, which he hadn’t realized was such an issue before with the factory stability control.

Winter Fun In The Snow:

While we weren’t able to get to Buttonwillow this year due to a closed border, we were able to have some fun in the snow at Toronto Motorsport Park. Jesse brought his SR+ Model 3, and I brought our Performance Model Y and we had a great time sliding in a snow-covered empty track. It was some of the most fun we’ve had on the racetrack! it’s incredible just how capable these AWD cars are – at some points I had the Y almost perpendicular to the track and it pulled itself straight! Check out the video – it’s worth the watch!

MPP Software Updates:

One thing that I am exceptionally proud of is our new portal and flashing application that we have developed for our electronics. Knowing that Tesla is going to be constantly updating the car and understanding that our electronics will need to evolve over time to stay up to date, we’ve created an online portal that provides software updates to these devices through a Tesla-inspired UI windows application.

MPP Tesla flashing utility for Mountain Pass Performance software devices
Tesla Model 3 software admin portal for updates

The portal allows us to assign different users and device permissions, so for example we can have some beta testers and some production users. The portal will automatically download the correct file based on the device and flash the unit with one click. It’s still in the early development stages, but we’re quite proud of it and already using it internally. The software designer is a personal friend of mine and I couldn’t be more proud of the work he’s doing. It looks incredible!

In Closing:

Lastly, I want to congratulate another one of our staff on joining the EV revolution. Kai took delivery on a new Model Y last week and he’s loving it! What was a 150km round trip each day in a pickup truck is now $1.50 each way and clean. Let’s keep this progress going!

Oh – We also have an MPP Assetto Corsa Cup event this weekend (Saturday the 13th of March, 2021), if you’re interested be sure to check out the Discord channel. We’ll be running at Laguna Seca!