Dear MPP friends and customers, I hope you’re doing well! It’s been a bit of a crazy summer, but I think we’re all really happy to be somewhat getting back to a sense of normalcy. Getting back to our hobbies and spending more time with friends and family gives you an appreciation for life, doesn’t it!

We’ve been having a bit of trouble keeping up with supply chain issues, but we’ve managed to keep most of our backorders down to a few weeks on our most common products. The Model Y comfort adjustable coilovers have been the most difficult product to keep lead times down on, but we’re doing everything we can to get more and more of these kits made!

We recently got back to the racetrack with our Model 3 and were able to test and enjoy some new parts. The car is incredibly fun now (even more than before!) being able to run Porsche-level pace all session long, with passengers. It’s rare that there is a car that can keep up and we always get a smile from those who haven’t yet learned that Tesla’s can go really fast.

New Parts:

One of the parts we were validating that I’m very excited about is our new MPP.R Front Compression Rod Bearing. This was a product that was difficult for us to make happen. As the arm articulates up and down so much, it was hard to find a sealed bearing that could travel the needed range without binding. Well, we’ve found one and even added caster adjustability to the part. So it’s a very nice two-in-one upgrade to get rid of the rubber bushing in the front while at the same time allowing for the ability to gain more caster (the right way, by extending the lower knuckle and extending the wheelbase / reducing front overhang). We have a batch of these bearings that will be ready for shipping around the end of August or early Sept.

We were also testing our new “Super Sport” spring set with our standard sports dampers. The spring rates worked better than we had anticipated, and if you’re not overly concerned about a bit of a loss of ride quality, these springs are certainly better suited for racetrack use. All of the benefits you’d associate with firmer springs, and the dampers are still very much in control of the springs.

The ride is about the same as a Porsche 911 with the dampers set soft. Certainly streetable, but firmer than I would personally want every day. If you’re going to the track more than a few times per year, the few tenths of a second per lap these firmer springs shave off might be worth it for you.

Finally – for those of you that are building an all-out competition Model 3, we’re excited to announce the MPP.R Competition Suspension kit, which is a joint venture between KW and MPP, based on their Competition 3A EXR dampers. These dampers are used on some of the highest level sports cars in the world, including in IMSA, Le Mans, and the Nurburgring 24hr Series. These are the real deal. We have the 4A EXR on our hybrid 350z and they are what you would expect of a top-end motorsport damper. There’s really nothing else that needs to be said. Of course, there are few people that need dampers like these – but if you think that’s you feel free to get in touch and we can talk about it!

Aid To Germany!

Speaking of the Nurburgring, we were devastated to hear about the flooding in the Eifel region in Germany. If you don’t know, this is the region where the Nurburgring is located. The ring is at a higher elevation, so the track was not affected, but many of the towns in the region were devastated by the record flooding. The ring is being used as an aid facility and it’s been incredibly heartwarming to see members of the motorsport community trying to help as much as they can. Here is a horrifying picture of the flooding in the region:

Here is a link to some avenues if any of you are interested in offering donations to help those affected in the area: We’ve donated a little bit, but it’s not even a drop in the bucket compared to what it will take to rebuild these historic areas. We’re wishing a speedy recovery and more importantly some type of future flood mitigation projects as sadly these types of events are only becoming more common. On the bright side, here is an article talking about those who came to the ring to help:

Solar Update:

There are only two weeks remaining until we announce the winner of the solar giveaway, if you haven’t already gotten your quotes and submitted them be sure to do that – time is running out! We can’t wait to announce the winner.

In Closing:

MPP is continuing to grow, we’re trying to keep it at a manageable pace so that we don’t lose any of the qualities that you all value in us – communication, personal consulting, and community involvement. Forgive us if there are some backorders, it’s a combination of higher than expected growth and the challenge of getting things made in this current climate.

Everyone has been incredible and we’re always so excited to read the reviews and comments you all share with us about your upgraded Tesla’s and your experiences on the road and racetrack. Please keep them coming!

We have a few extremely exciting things in the works that we’re looking forward to sharing in the coming months, and we hope to do a bit of a USA Trip once the US/Canadian border opens up – if that ever happens! We would ideally hit a number of racetracks and invite the Tesla community out to each day to go for ride alongs and hopefully get some other Model 3’s on track!