Happy summer solstice MPP friends! Here is a quick update for you all about what is happening at MPP. We’ve had a busy start to the season! Starting with a wet GridLife / Model 3 Challenge warmup at Watkins Glen, to a quick trip to Spain running at a Moto GP / F1 circuit in Valencia. So that’s two F1 tracks in the course of only a few months, how cool! We also have released a few new parts, as well as upgrade kits. With these new upgrade kits, MPP owners get exactly what they want to achieve their goals and save some money at the same time.

Wheels + Spacers

I’m happy to share that we’ve received our pre-production Braid/MPP wheels in the 9.5″ size and bronze color. The color is stunning – more dramatic than the gloss anthracite grey. It’s certainly the color of choice if you’re looking to make a statement. And it goes great with pretty well any color Tesla – Black, Red, Blue – hard to go wrong with bronze or gunmetal. Choices are hard.

For those of you who already have wheels on order, we’re looking at the first week of August as a ship date from Europe if you opt for direct shipping. So you’ll be able to enjoy your Mega Mesh wheels this season, and should have them just in time for our Model 3 Challenge events!

Just look at those beefy chamfers. How cool! You can learn more about our Mega Mesh wheels here, if you’re interested.

MPP mega mesh wheel in bronze

Our wheel spacers are now in stock and have proven very popular! We have them available in a number of different sizes to help you achieve the perfect wheel fitment. The spacers come in 4, 9, 13, and 17mm thicknesses – everything other than the 4mm spacer requiring extended wheel studs. You can read more about our MPP spacers here.

tesla model 3 wheel spacer

Upgrade Kits

We’ve had requests for packages or “kits” for some time, and we’ve finally done it! We’re excited to launch MPP “upgrade” kits for Model 3 and Model Y. These upgrade kits combine our most popular products for different types of vehicle use – be it road, sport, or off-road driving. In the near future we’ll also have different kit levels, all designed to help reduce installation time, minimize repetitive work required, and give you the best value for your dollar.

Our road upgrade kits focus on improving the driving experience while also adding a layer of comfort to the somewhat harsh Model 3. The idea with this upgrade kit is to give you everything that will contirbute to this objective, without anything unnecessary.

The sport upgrade kits are for those who are looking to be connected to the road and who want to focus on performance. These kits are focused around upgrade levels based on which products are most popular to transform your Model 3 into feeling more like an M3 or Porsche, without a loss of compliance or ride quality. If you aren’t bothered by the ride quality of the OE Tesla suspension and you enjoy spirited driving, these sport upgrade kits are what you’ll be interested in!

We also have an off-road upgrade kit for those looking for some off-road protection and a lift. For those of you looking to do a little bit of overlanding with your Model 3 or Model Y!

As a bonus, all of our upgrade kits include a 4% package discount for ordering everything at once as a thank-you for choosing MPP. You can view our upgrade kits here. More to come!

F1 Tracks!

It was great to run with GridLife and promote the Model 3 Challenge series. We had a ton of fun, with the exception of myself having an incident in the rain driving too aggressively! We’re turning lemons into lemonade though, and fully repainting the car with a new color (any guesses?) and updating the rest of the car to 2021+ specs. We just picked the car up from the body shop today actually, and it looks absolutely stunning!

tesla model 3 at watkins glen modified

The Model 3 Challenge warm-up was great, with a number of Model 3’s all running together in the rain, needless to say, it made for some incredible photography. Thanks to Chris Sullivan of crsfoto for capturing these stunning moments.

No doubt our first event at Lime Rock in August is going to be something for the record books. Be sure to check out model3challenge.racing if you don’t already know about the championship. It is surprisingly low barrier to entry and we still have a couple of spots open!

multiple tesla model 3 cars racing in the rain

Just last week we were able to spend a few days in Spain sharing the EV excitement with the community at VolRace – giving ride-alongs at the famous Valencia Formula 1 circuit. We were able to take almost 20 people for rides around the track, many of whom had never been in an electric car before. With nearly 20,000 people attending the event, and considering the Model 3 was one of if not the fastest cars at the event, I think it is safe to say that some preconceived notions about EVs were changed.

We’re looking forward to coming to more events and sharing the electric passion. We’ll have a video coming soon to share on both of those events!

tesla model 3 in spain at circuit ricardo tormo

Solar Sponsorship & Climate

So far we’ve had very few entries for our solar giveaway. So if you’re interested in solar and haven’t yet applied – get on it!! There are only a few weeks left. Unfortunately, significant climate change seems to be upon us faster than we had hoped. With news that the Atlantic is breaking temperature records by over 0.5 deg C, it’s hard to ignore. Not only is it a record, but it’s blown the old previous temperature records out of the water. Look at the graph below – it isn’t anywhere close to the previous historical highs.

We’ve also had some of the largest forest fires on record here in Canada, and if you’re in the North East no doubt you’ve already suffered some of the smoke from these massive fires. In some cases, we are 5000% above the normal land area burned (year-to-date). Again – these records aren’t being broken as much as they are being obliterated.

So, as we always do here at MPP, we will annoy you again to keep Climate Change on your radar. We know it’s easy to ignore as life is busy and Climate Change is nearly invisible – but please keep talking to people about it. Be vocal. Push for significant immediate change.

It’s hard to know how bad it can get, so let’s just avoid all that, shall we?

a graph showing that we're likely fucked by climate change