If you’ve ordered our new MPP.R Performance Rear BBK – Thank you very much! Please pay very close attention to these critical points:

1) The caliper bolts must be torqued correctly using Loctite and oil as described below.

2) The rotors are DIRECTIONAL. Make sure you put them on the correct sides! The curved vanes act as an air pump, sucking air from the center of the rotor and pumping it out at the circumference.

3) Do not disassemble the clamshell once it has been assembled. It is designed to be used once only. For brake pad maintenance, remove the caliper from the vehicle and disassemble the shims and re-assemble.

4) Allowing the brake pads to run down to the backing plate will result in the pad retaining shim to contact the rotor. Permanent Rotor damage will occur. Don’t run your pads down to the backing plates!

Installation Instructions:

Time Required: 1.25 hours
Tools Required: Blue Loctite, E14 torx socket, Torque Wrench, Metric Socket set
Difficulty Level: 4/10

Step 1 – Remove OEM Caliper:

  • Jack up the car and remove the rear two wheels
  • With a helper inside the car with the driver door closed, have the helper hold the brake pedal and put the car in Neutral (push the Drive stalk halfway down for two seconds to get into Neutral). Ensure the helper stays seated or the car will re-activate the parking brake.
  • With the parking brake released, unplug the electronic parking brake connector on the OEM rear caliper.
  • Repeat on the other side. 
  • Loosen the 3 E14 Torx bolts clamping the caliper together
  • Remove OEM outer caliper clamshell

Step 2 – Prepare New Clamshell:

  • If using OEM outer pads, remove the OEM spider clips with a grinder
  • Insert pad into clamshell
  • Retain pad with supplied U-shim. Additional washer shims are provided to set the height of the U-shim based on the thickness of the pad backing plate. This will vary with different brake pad suppliers. The OEM pads have an anti-squeal backing on them and thus require all of the washers
  • The shims and caliper were designed for the OEM pad dimensions. If your aftermarket pads don’t fit, the problem is with the pads, not the caliper clamshell. A bit of filing may be required for oversized aftermarket pads, and likewise, a little bit of play may be evident in pads if they are too small.

Step 3 – Install New Rotor + Clamshell:

  • Install the new rotor ensuring that the direction is correct
  • Install the new clamshell with the installed pad
  • Apply blue Loctite to each bolt, and a small dab of oil under the head of each bolt.
  • NOTE: It is critical to use both Loctite and the oil as above, or the recommended torque spec will NOT be accurate. 
  • Torque to 80lb-ft. 
  • Paint mark the bolt heads and inspect regularly.

Step 4 – Finish

  • Re-connect parking brake connectors
  • Re-install and torque wheels
  • Bed in the new rotors
  • Enjoy!