If you’ve placed an order for our 365mm front big brake upgrade, thank you! These brakes are one of our favorite products. Installation is super straightforward and simple,  you don’t need to remove the brake lines or bleed the caliper!

NOTE: The rotors are DIRECTIONAL. Make sure you put them on the correct sides! The curved vanes act as an air pump, sucking air from the center of the rotor and pumping it out the circumference. See photos for correct orientation. 

Tools & Equipment Required:

  • E18 Inverse Torx Socket
  • Torque wrench
  • Jack and a way to remove wheels, 21mm socket
  • T30 Torx bit and bit driver
  • 10mm socket
  • Red Loctite (optional)
  • File or small Dremel sander
  • 10mm Hex Bit or Allen Key
  • Feeler gauge

Installation Instructions:

Installation should not take longer than 30 minutes per side for an experienced shop, perhaps 45 minutes per side at the most for a first time installer. These kits are very simple to put together.

  1. Jack up or raise the car on a hoist and remove the wheels
  2. Remove the 10mm bolt that secures the rotor to the hub
  3. Compress the pads into the pistons as much as possible. You need an additional 0.5mm on each pad to fit our thicker rotor
  4. Remove the two inverse Torx bolts from the OEM caliper and pull the caliper off of the rotor
  5. Remove the OEM rotor
  6. Unbolt and remove the OEM brake dust shield NOTE: For some later build dates, the backing plate has been changed to fully encompass the hub. You will need to trim off the rearmost section after unbolting to make it removable like the backing plate in our video. The functionality will not be affected at all. 
  7. Remove the casting flash from the OEM knuckle around the areas pictured below. We use a Dremel tool with a sanding disc, but you can also use a file. This is to ensure proper fitment of our bracket as we’ve designed it to conform as closely as possible to the OE knuckle.
  8. Bolt on our brake bracket the OEM inverse Torx caliper bolts.  See picture for orientation. Pull bracket away from the center of the hub as much as possible when torquing the bracket. Torque to 77lb-ft. 
  9. Slide on the new rotor ENSURING THE CORRECT SIDE OF THE ROTOR!
  10. Re-install the caliper and bolt to our bracket using the supplied hardware and washers and torque to 82lb-ft while pulling bracket away from the center of the hub as much as possible. You may also optionally use red Loctite here.
  11. Check clearance between caliper edges and rotor disc. If less than 1.5mm notify us before driving aggressively.
  12. Re-install wheels, remove jack-stands and lower the car.
  13. Torque wheels to 129lb-ft
  14. Bed in brakes to new rotors following pad manufacturer’s suggested guidelines.

Installation Video: