MPP Party Box And Cooling Party Controller Functional Overview

Party Box Activation

Activate the Party Box by using the slip start toggle in the Driving page in the settings menu. The Party Box will be activated whenever “slip start” is indicated on the UI.

Leaving the drive mode in “Creep” will force the Party Box to stay on even if the car triggers an error. The party box will be de-activated if the car stays in park for 20 seconds or longer even if Creep remains enabled.

Party Box Functional Overview (RWD)

When activated, all stability control functions will be deactivated. ABS will continue to work as normal. The party box will have a set traction control target that it will work to achieve. On the V1.0.0 that target is fixed at 30% slip + 10km/h. I.E. at 100km/h, the maximum allowed wheelspin will be 140km/h.


Party Box Functional Overview (AWD)

When activated, all stability control functions will be deactivated. ABS will continue to work as normal. The party box will reduce traction control intervention. If a significant amount of slip or sliding occurs, the car will detect this and trigger a warning, momentarily reduce power and then deactivate regen, and fully remove traction control.

For loose surfaces such as snow or dirt when more slip is needed, it is recommended to fault the stability control early. To do so, hold the accelerator pedal to the floor for two seconds while in park.

As of V3, there is far more AWD functionality and control. This will be updated once V3 is removed from Beta. 


Release Notes


V3.0.1 – BETA

•  AWD traction control implemented with modeled ground speed
•  Custom E-Diff programming to reduce inside tire spin
•  Torque bias control
•  UI Traction Control indicator blinks when party box is enabled
•  2 Modes for AWD cars – “Party Mode” and “Rally Mode.” 
•  Party Mode – activated as normal. Traction control is still active, MPP eDiff functions, stability control is off. Normal regen and ability to use Track Mode. 
•  Rally Mode – activated by first faulting the OE Tesla VDC with the pedal technique. Traction control uses MPP traction control. AWD control is biased to rear – with more front at higher accelerator pedal position. No regen.
•  Contact MPP for more details.


•  Party Box is now active when track mode is activated. Previous activation conditions remain.
•  Less likely to fault on track


•  Status messages are only sent when the Party Box is active.
•  Added compatibility for new MPP Portal flash utility. Versions prior to this will need to be “recovered”
•  Changed activation logic. When Slip Start is off, Party Box will now shut off when the car has been in park for 20 seconds, even if the Drive Mode is left in “Creep”


•  Holding the accelerator pedal to the floor for 2 seconds while in Park will force a fault in the traction control system, fully disabling it.
•  Updates to functionality for AWD vehicles.


•  Additional features and functionality for AWD vehicles
•  The Party Box will remain active even if stability control faults out as long as the vehicle is in “Creep” stopping mode.


•  First production release
•  Stability control may fault out, but party box functionality will remain unchanged as long as “Slip Start” stays activated. Regen will be deactivated if this occurs.

As always, keep the party box disconnected using the bypass connector whenever you’re not on the track. NEVER use the Party Box with Autopilot or when performing software updates. 

Cooling Party Controller Activation

Activate the Cooling Party Controller by selecting the “Creep” stopping mode. Since no one uses creep we used this toggle to activate the system as it is an easy to access option in the UI, and can be activated while charging or before heading on track.

Cooling Party Controller Functional Overview

When activated, the controller will run the OEM Tesla cooling systems including the AC compressor, radiator fans and water pumps to remove as much heat from the system as possible. Once the battery gets to 20 degrees C, the AC compressor and radiator fans will run at a reduced rate, however the water pumps will continue to operate at 100% duty.

Release Notes


•  First beta release

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