MPP Party Box Activation


Activate the Party Box by using the slip start toggle in the Driving page in the settings menu. The Party Box will be activated whenever “slip start” is indicated on the UI.

Functional Overview (RWD)

When activated, all stability control functions will be deactivated. ABS will continue to work as normal. The party box will have a set traction control target that it will work to achieve. On the V1.0.0 that target is fixed at 30% slip + 10km/h. I.E. at 100km/h, the maximum allowed wheelspin will be 140km/h.

Release Notes


•  First production release

•  Stability control may fault out, but party box functionality will remain unchanged as long as “Slip Start” stays activated. Regen will be deactivated if this occurs.

Bookmark this page in your Tesla for fast viewing when needed.

As always, keep the party box disconnected using the bypass connector whenever you’re not on the track. NEVER use the Party Box with Autopilot or when performing software updates.