Thanks for purchasing our sealed spherical front bearings for your Model S! These are easy to install with a press, but you will require an alignment after installation.

NOTE: The wider bearing goes into the tension arm (the longer arm)

Installation Instructions:

Time Required: 2.0 Hours. Plus Alignment.
Tools Required: 10-ton press, 21mm socket, 22mm socket, torque wrench, common hand tools.
Difficulty Level: 5/10

Step 1 – Raise Car & Preperation

  • Put the car into Jack Mode (Controls > Service > Jack mode)
  • Turn the car off (Controls >Safety & Security > Power Off)
  • Lift the front of the vehicle either with two jacks or with a hoist
  • Remove the front wheels
  • Remove the front undertray
  • Using a paint marker, mark the position of the eccentric adjuster on all four front suspension arms. This is useful if you have to drive to an alignment shop.

Step 2 – Remove OEM Arms:

  • Remove the front lower control arm and tension arm
  • You may wish to remove one at a time so that the knuckle is supported, either way, be sure to fully support the knuckle.
  • Take care to not allow any of the cabling/lines going to the suspension to be put under tension

Step 3 – Press In New Bearings

  • Press out the OEM bushing
  • Press in the new MPP bearing. The wider bearing is used on the tension arm.
  • If you don’t have MPP-provided press tools, the bearing OD is 70mm, so you need an outer tool with an ID just over 70mm, and an inner tool with an OD of just under 70mm. A 2.75″ OD tube works for the inner tool.

Step 5 – Reassembly & Align

  • Re-install the arms and set your eccentric adjusters to the same positions as original.
  • Torque the outboard 22mm balljoint nuts to 130lb-ft (180Nm)
  • Torque the inboard 22mm eccentric nut to 95lb-ft (130Nm)
  • Torque the damper 21mm nut to 103lb-ft (140Nm)
  • Paint mark your bolts
  • Install the wheels and lower the car on the ground (torque the wheels!)
  • Take the car for an alignment

That’s it! Enjoy your much more responsive and connected front end, and be sure to let us know how you like your new solid spherical bearings!