Camber Adjustable Rear Lower Control Arms For Model S Plaid

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We have combined the trailing and rear lower control arms into one kit, to make installation easier. If you’d like to order them separately, please contact us!

Pure connection to the road, precision adjustment capability. 

If you’re looking to upgrade the suspension on your refresh Model S or Model S Plaid, and you want to make quick and repeatable adjustments – these are the arms for you.

  • A kit including 4 arms – replacing all lower arms on your Palladium’s rear suspension
  • Manufactured and Assembled in North America!
  • CNC’d from billet 6061-T6 aluminum rather than using steel tube, they look almost as good as they function
  • Stainless steel adjusters and hardware
  • Clamps on the threads mean precise, quick alignments
  • Sealed spherical bearings will last the lifetime of the car
  • Eliminate rubber bushings, feel a true connection to the road
  • No noises or wear, unlike other brands using spherical rod ends
  • Preset to the OEM length for a quick bolt-in installation, drive to your alignment shop
  • Three-Year Warranty

Fits these vehicles: Model S 2021+, Model S Plaid

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The new Model S has an entirely redesigned rear suspension with some opportunities and challenges for the aftermarket. Part of the design process that we went through here at MPP was fully modeling the rear suspension and analyzing a number of characteristics of the rear suspension. Let us take you through the process and explain how we see the rear suspension of the Plaid:


Design Philosophy:

One of the first items that popped up to us in the design phase was that when the Model S is significantly lowered, the bump steer becomes very extreme in compression. Normally the rear suspension of road cars is designed to toe in with compression to add stability. In the case of the Model S, the rear suspension will actually toe-out significantly when compressed in the range that a lowered Model S will run in. This is undesirable behavior! We suspect Tesla tuned it this way on purpose, as it actually works when at factory ride height and when running very little front camber. However, once the car is lowered and the front of the car is working (thanks to some big tires and camber!) having the rear suspension toe-out excessively when you’re asking for power coming out of a corner is the last thing you want!

Using the knowledge gained from modeling the suspension, and looking at the suspension from a practical standpoint, it made the most sense to adjust the lower arms. The lower arms are the easiest to access from the bottom of the car for an alignment technician. In addition, the factory “upper camber arm” already uses a sealed spherical bearing at both ends, so there was no performance benefit to changing this arm – not to mention it is a complex shape and thus very expensive to make an adjustable replacement for.

With the above in mind, we present to you our adjustable rear lower control arm and trailing arm kit (Tesla calls this the Lower Aft Link). These arms allow for complete camber and bump steer tuning, easily accessible from underneath the car for fine adjustments.

These camber adjustable arms for Model S Plaid take everything we’ve learned from motorsport and road car performance for over 20 years and apply it to the Tesla Model S. We know how important it is for suspension arms to be easy to adjust, have great durability even in harsh climates, and have solid bearings rather than rubber bushings for the ultimate connection to the road.

If you’re looking for more performance, add our Front Upper Control Arms to also achieve more camber in the front of your Model S if you’re looking for additional grip (our FUCA kit can also lower your Model S – eliminating the need for lowering links). Our Rear Toe Arms are a worthy addition to help ease alignments and to remove another rubber bushing in the suspension.



Most aftermarket suspension arms are made using either urethane bushings, which are used because they are cheap – or spherical rod ends, which are ideal for performance but don’t last very long in sandy or salty environments. Our solution is to use an OEM production sealed bearing – delivering the performance of a spherical with the durability of an OE part. The sealed bearing is just like a ball joint, it is solid and has virtually no compliance while being lubricated and protected from corrosion. Since this part is from an OEM vehicle – and we use only the highest quality OEM bearings, you know this joint will endure the test of time.

Typical aftermarket arms use rod ends threaded into a suspension arm, which makes them very easy to adjust – whereas a pressed-in bearing offers no adjustment. Our solution is to use a turnbuckle allowing for precise adjustment. Rather than use jam-nuts – which always affect the alignment when locking down the nuts – our clamping system allows the alignment technician to perfectly set the alignment, then tighten the clamp bolts without throwing off the setting. The turnbuckles are made from stainless steel – so they will never corrode or rust. The arms are CNC machined out of 6061-T6 aluminum, and anodized blue for durability and aesthetics. Arms come as a pair of two and are warrantied for 3 years.

Laser engraving indicates which way to adjust the turnbuckle to extend or retract the arm, saving any confusion for your local alignment technician, or for anyone trying to make some quick track-side changes. You can always easily set the arms back to the original starting point by simply using a paint marker and clamping the arms in the original position.

These billet aluminum arms come fully assembled and preset to the factory length. We always recommend using anti-seize lubricant to prevent any galvanic corrosion between the aluminum and stainless steel adjuster, and the arms are supplied with anti-seize applied.

As with all MPP products, documentation and support is our strength. Our instructions provide all of the data required to set up the suspension properly. It is critical that the shop doing the alignment reviews our notes to ensure they don’t incorrectly adjust your suspension! As always, feel free to ask any questions and we’re here to help.


Testing & Results:

As with all of our MPP parts, these arms are designed for and validated on the racetrack. We use our MPP adjustable arms to fine-tune the bump steer on the rear of the MPP.R Plaid Model S. This has allowed us to balance out the massive increase of front grip thanks to our competition suspension and MPP Front Upper Control Arms (and 315s upfront!). As a result, we’ve been able to optimize the entry, middle and exit phases of the corner to maximize both the power potential of the car and manage the weight of this big car.

Along with the other upgrades we’ve done to the Plaid, the suspension links and 315 tires all around have allowed the Model S to corner with up to 1.4G’s at some circuits, on 300 treadwear Michelin PS4S tires! We’ve certainly started to tame the beast and we look forward to sharing more soon, but for now, we can say that the Plaid has consistently been the fastest car at each track day it’s attended by a wide margin.

Don’t be fooled by imitators who have routinely copied our innovations and ideas in the performance aftermarket. MPP was the first to use sealed spherical bearings and it’s become the staple of our aftermarket suspension offerings. We were also the first to preset our arms to OEM length to help make installation a breeze. We’ll continue to find new ways to make better-performance aftermarket parts, and we appreciate your support and loyalty!

What’s Included:

  • 2x Rear Lower Control Arms (rear lower aft link)
  • 2x Rear Trailing Arms (rear lower fore link)
  • 1x Hardware Kit



Additional information

Chassis Type

Plaid, Model S 21+

2 reviews for Camber Adjustable Rear Lower Control Arms For Model S Plaid

  1. Sameer Rastogi

    Finally got around to getting these arms installed. Car feels a lot more stable on throttle now that the camber is less and grip is enhanced. Easy installation as well!.

  2. Stephen LaFrance

    Installed these on my 2023 Model X plaid and have to say the product quality is top notch and the adjustability was spot on to be able to be able to correct the negative camber and now zero issue with inner tire prematurely wearing. Thank you Jesse and as a repeat customer I have to say your customer service is outstanding

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