Caster Adjustable Compression Rod Bearings for Tesla Model 3/Y Version 2

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A lower NVH, more robust update of this very popular application!

  • CNC machined from billet 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Manufactured and Assembled in North America!
  • German OE quality sealed spherical bearing, custom modified by MPP for additional articulation
  • Caster adjustable – using our unique design the caster can be adjusted by rotating the bearing.
  • Gain confidence – massive reduction in darting and steering wheel shake during aggressive braking
  • Press tools available – make installation easy and straightforward with the optional press tools
  • Can be used with our Front Lower Control Arm Bearings and Front Upper Control Arms to eliminate ALL rubber bushings in the Model 3/Y’s front suspension.

Fits these vehicles: All Model 3, All Model Y

V2 Released:

Building on the original version of our Compression Rod Bearings, we've been able to develop a new bearing for both road and track use that works with both the Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y. Our original MPP.R bearing did add some NVH as it would wear in, and we're excited to share that our new V2 is much more robust as we're using a higher quality and heavier duty bearing.

We're proud to say that after a lot of hard work, we've developed a unique solution that involves machining an off-the-shelf bearing to gain the articulation needed for the large amount of suspension travel our MPP suspension kits offer. This allows us to use a very high load bearing in this difficult application. Beware of other offerings which use bearings without enough articulation - excessive droop or compression will cause these bearings to bind. Needless to say, that's bad.

We've been testing this bearing on four vehicles for the entirety of the 2023 season, and none of the vehicles have developed additional play or noise. While we can't project what the total lifetime will be, we can share that these four cars with multiple track days (including a hard crash with our MPP project car "The Future"!), Model 3 Challenge races, and thousands of miles of road driving, have not developed any additional play or noise.

Note that as these are a solid bearing, they still transmit a little bit more NVH through to the cabin compared to the OEM bushing. If you have aftermarket wheels and tires, the additional noise from stickier rubber likely already masks this difference, as it is quite minimal.

Discount For Existing MPP Customers:

Customers looking to upgrade from the V1 MPP.R compression rod bearings are welcome to contact us for a 25% rebate on these new bearings. Customers with compression rod inserts are welcome to contact us for a 10% discount on these new bearings. In both cases, proof is required that the original parts have been returned to MPP or discarded to receive the rebate.

Driving Impact:

Deflection at this joint causes heavy instability under braking, and significant camber and toe distortion on corner entry, as well as a loss of caster. The OEM rubber bushings are wearing out rapidly for those who aggressively track their Model 3's, exacerbating these issues. This is the only solution if you're regularly attending track days and serious about front-end grip.

Original V1 bearing shown above. 

Rather than just create a spherical replacement, we wanted to take it a step further and see how we could do more here in terms of caster adjustability. Rather than permanently having a large offset bearing, which would force users to have significant additional caster and potential tire rubbing issues at the front fender, we found a way to make the caster change adjustable. By inserting an offset sleeve in the bearing, the spherical can either be nearly the OEM length (+1.5mm is the minimum setting), or it can be extended to 6.5mm longer than stock. This allows the user to fine-tune their caster on the car, as well as achieve a little bit more camber as well. The bearing is adjustable in the car, although it is challenging. You'll likely want to select the position at installation time.

Testing from the racetrack showed results as expected - a less darty car on entry, more stability under braking, and more front-axle grip overall mid-corner and on exit. With this bearing installed alongside the MPP Front Lower Control Arm Bearings and Front Upper Control Arms, the Model 3 now has a 100% solid front suspension, giving you a total connection to the tire and road beneath you.

OEM Compression Rod Bushing, with voids visible.

Optional Press Tool:

As with the Model 3 Front Lower Control Arm Bearings, we now offer a press tool kit that makes installing a breeze. Using a 10-ton press you'll be able to swap out bearings with ease.

OEM Part Number Crosscheck:

These bearings replace the bushings in the OEM arms:


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All Model 3, All Model Y

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  1. SuperSR

    A worthwhile upgrade to tighten up the front end and improve confidence under braking. Also, an ingenious solution to gain some caster. Increased noise over the stock rubber bushings is almost negligible.

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Installation Time: 1.5 hours