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Sit low, without errors, with power sliders

If you’re looking for a racing seat kit that doesn’t leave you feeling like you’ve made a big compromise, we hope to make you happy with this kit. Please read the details below carefully to see if this is for you!

  • Uses Tesla’s OEM power slider allowing use of Tesla’s Easy-Entry feature
  • Fits seats with a mounting width between 384-405mm ONLY
  • Uses an OE Tesla occupancy sensor so the car doesn’t keep slamming on the parking brake
  • No faults or warnings on the dash
  • Includes a plug-and-play wiring harness, although components from your OE Tesla seat are needed.
  • Currently only available for the driver side

Fits these vehicles: Model 3 RWD, Model 3 AWD, Model 3 AWD Performance


MPP.R Racing Bucket Seat Mount Kit For Tesla Model 3!

We’re proud to announce our MPP.R Tesla Model 3 Racing Bucket Seat Mount Kit, which allows you to have the comfort of a power sliding seat base, the ability to use easy-entry, and proper occupant detection, along with no warnings or errors on the dash, all with the lowest seat mounting of any adjustable seat mounting kit on the market. The design of this seat bracket is unlike anything we’ve seen in the aftermarket before.

Concept And Design:

Most seat bases are designed with flat plates of metal, above which a manual slider must be bolted, which above that have fixed seat brackets bolted, and finally the seat. In many cars, this isn’t a problem. But with a 4″ tall battery underneath you in a Tesla, having the seat as low as possible to the ground is important. The OEM Tesla seat is incredibly low, almost impossibly so considering all of the mechanisms and adjustments inside it.

The team at Tesla really did a great job with the design of that, and we found a way to use the very low-profile OEM Tesla power slider with custom brackets to directly mount a bucket seat. After many revisions and updated bracket designs, where we tried to get the Bride ZETA IV as low as possible, we are finally at a point where we can offer this kit for sale.

Our recommended seat for this kit is the ZETA IV, as it is a beautiful seat and it has special notches in the shell which allow the seat to get lower than most seats otherwise would, due to interference with the OEM tesla power slider as the seat gets lower.

Supported Bucket Seats:

Seats with a mounting width between 384 – 405mm wide should fit. Be sure to measure the seat width before buying, and note that unless it says “Confirmed Fit” below, we have no way of knowing for sure if the seat will fit and function properly. This is a low-volume product and we can’t buy every seat out there to test fitment!

Here are a list of seat widths, which we will continue to update as we confirm the fitment of various seats with our mounting kit:

Momo Lesmo One Standard – 390
Recaro Profi SPG – 398
Recaro Pole Position – 404

The Kit:

This kit includes components for you to relatively easily install a bucket seat in your car with OE-level integration. However, there are some limitations:

  • The wiring harness is for the DRIVER SIDE ONLY. Using this kit on the passenger side will physically mount up, but the electronics provided WILL NOT WORK. Passenger-side electronics are in development, but we have no ETA on when, or if, we will have the passenger-side kit available. Please do not buy the driver-side kit if you will be mad at us if the passenger-side kit never materializes!
  • This seat mount kit uses a Tesla seat base which is NOT INCLUDED. An OEM seat must be disassembled as some components are required. The good news is that the parts of the seat that need to be removed are easy and quick to reverse, with no permanent damage.
  • Due to the nature of the OEM seat base, only a small range of seat shell widths are supported. We have a reclining version which will be released shortly (and may already be available depending on whether we remember to update this text or not), for wider fitments. We are not body-shaming anyone! We simply can’t fit a wider seat while retaining the low mounting position with this method.
  • Functionality with the OEM seatbelt is possible, however with any bucket seat, getting a normal seatbelt buckle through the seat hole is difficult or impossible. Use with racing harnesses is recommended, and bypassing the OEM seatbelt switch by mounting an external switch or by jumpering it is possible for use with racing harnesses (however provision for that is not included). Eyelet mounts are not provided, however, the OEM mounting points could be used for harness eyelets.

What’s Included:

  • 2x Seat brackets
  • 4x Mounting Bolts
  • Mounting hardware for the OEM seat switches
  • OEM occupancy sensor to be mounted under the padding of your bucket seat
  • Modified OEM seat wiring harness to make installation easy

What Is NOT Included:

  • A seat is NOT included
  • The required M8 hardware to mount your seat to the brackets is NOT included. You must select the correct length and thread hardware for your seat.

Common Sense Disclaimer:

This Racing Bucket Seat Mount Kit is intended for off-road use only. Removing airbags and other safety systems are done at your own risk. Anything that happens as a result of you using this kit, be it injury, death, or worse, is on you. Please do not buy this kit if you don’t have the ability to properly and safely install it.



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2 reviews for Racing Bucket Seat Mount Kit For Tesla Model 3 | MPP.R

  1. ben

    A question actually. How heavy are the Tesla Model 3 OEM seats and how much weight do you save with a typical aftermarket seat like the Bride Zeta IV ?

  2. Rudolph Xu

    Love sitting low and snug in the car with no warning lights on the dash. However just make sure you get the right wiring harness.

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