Model Y MPP Product Information

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If you have already received a Model Y, congratulations! This post will serve as an update hub for those of you looking for updates about our products – so please check back often! Our Performance Model Y was reserved moments after the vehicle was announced for sale, so we can’t wait to get ours soon too!

As you certainly already know, the Model Y shares many components with the Model 3. While many of our products need to be custom tailored for this vehicle, many of our products port right over with no changes required.

Update As Of May 6th 2020:

Mountain Pass Performance Tesla Model 3 AWD Coilovers Made By KW


Coilovers: Our Model 3 coil-overs physically fit on the Y, but are not valved/sprung or optimized for the Y. We will have production coilovers available shortly, but if you just need to be one of the first ones out there to lower your Y, please send us an email and we’ll discuss your options. We are currently testing our prototype dampers and will post updated information shortly!



Rear Camber Arms: As planned we have redesigned our rear camber arms to support the additional load anticipated from aggressive off-roading and have completed production of the new parts. Now in stock!

Brakes: We have not yet validated our 365mm Big Brake kit on a non-performance Model Y. Please contact us if you’re interested in this kit.


MountainPass Performance Model 3 lift kit parts showing all included parts

Lift Kit: Our lift kit has been fit on a Performance Model Y and the lift matches the Model 3 exactly. If you’re looking for close to another 2″ of height out of your Model Y, this is the solution for you!

C125 Display: We need to evaluate the CAN Bus on the Model Y and do some more testing before releasing the C125 display. Please contact us if you’re interested in this and we can send you updates as we progress.