1.75″ Suspension Lift Kit for Tesla Model Y & 3

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Want a lifted Tesla? Increase your Tesla Model Y or 3’s ground clearance with our Lift Kit!

  • 1.75″ increase in ground clearance to clear snow, speedbumps, rough terrain, steep driveways etc.
  • Manufactured and Assembled in North America!
  • Compatible with all models, including cars equipped with lowering springs or coilovers.
  • CNC Aluminum Spacers anodized to resist the elements and look great.
  • Improved entry and exit for those with accessibility requirements.
  • Adjustable rear camber arms are strongly recommended to accompany this kit
  • Allows the fitment of up to 29.5″ overall diameter tires (Model Y) or 27″ overall diameter (Model 3)
  • Three-Year Warranty

Beware of off-shore produced knockoffs. MPP is the original designer of the Model 3 / Model Y lift kit, and we’d certainly appreciate it if you didn’t support those who have blatantly stolen our design. How rude!

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1.75" Suspension Lift Kit for Your Tesla:

The Tesla Model Y and Model 3 are the most popular EV's ever made. As a result, they have attracted a diverse group of owners, with needs many of us never considered. Consequently, we heard a number of reasons why some needed the car to be higher up from the ground. Anywhere from accessibility issues, to commuting on unpaved roads, to off-roading, to incredibly steep driveways (SF owners know), and even ex-Subaru owners asked for a raised up Model Y or Model 3 because they enjoy that style! Accordingly, we introduced our 1.75" Suspension Lift Kit for Tesla Model Y and Model 3 to address these concerns! If you want a lifted Tesla Model Y or 3 - look no further!

A Single Lift Kit Compatible With Both Model Y & Model 3:

We're happy to report that our 1.75" Suspension Lift Kit works with the Model Y as it does with the Model 3. Because the Model Y shares the same suspension components as the Model 3, the lift kit works in the same way. Similarly, raising the suspension with solid blocks as our lift kit does will have the same net effect in terms of ride height regardless of whether it is a Model 3 or a Model Y.

Design & Testing of the Tesla Model Y & Model 3 Lift Kit:

In the process of designing this lift kit, we set out and tested different heights and determined the 1.75" lift to be the maximum height without going too-far and excessively impacting suspension and driveline angles. Since the center of gravity is so low due to the battery placement, handling and safety are still as you'd expect from a sporty sedan. That being said, when lifting the car this much it is recommended to add our rear camber arms to restore the negative camber back to the suggested range. A minimum of -0.7 degrees is advisable for safety. Particularly, insufficient rear camber can result in oversteer during evasive or emergency steering inputs. Additionally, the range will be mildly reduced as more air can travel underneath the car and the front of the tires have more exposure.

Installation of the Lift Kit:

To begin with, no spring compressor is required during the install of the lift kit, and it is fairly straight forward. With that in mind, you will require an alignment after installing this lift kit. Check out our gallery below to see all sorts of awesome Tesla Model Y's and Model 3's with our 1.75" Suspension Lift Kit installed! We love seeing lifted Tesla's - send us pictures of your install!

11 reviews for 1.75″ Suspension Lift Kit for Tesla Model Y & 3

  1. nicole.l.a

    I’m giving this lift kit 5 stars not because I’m Sasha’s wife but because I Love the extra height!! My Model Y is looking good! Thanks MPP!

  2. Brad Bauer

    What a difference! These old 50-year old bones can get into the car much easier now and extra clearance on my community dirt road is a big plus.
    Be sure to get an alignment when complete for the kit does severely affect the toe measurement of the car.

  3. c2carey

    I have one of the first kits, actually at 1.5 inches of lift. I had the kit installed in November 2018, at 6,500 miles. I now have over 47,000 miles. I have zero uneven tire wear on either my 19″ summer wheels and my 18″ winter wheels. I get about a 5% range decrease at freeway speeds and no range impact in city driving. This kit is the best purchase I made for my Model 3 LR. I got it for easy entry/exit. I enjoy when the front of my car doesn’t scrape curbs when parking nose first. I am never going back.

  4. DrGriz

    Had this kit installed because the stock clearance is guaranteed to get me stuck in the snow where I live. I also had the rear control arms installed, and it aligned to spec. Drives great. I could not be happier!

  5. andrewgosline

    I purchased this for my model 3 SR+. I agree with the previous results that you can expect about 5% range loss at highway speeds.
    I was unable to get les schwab to do the alignment, as they didn’t want to take the wheels off. I had to take it to a more specialty shop called B-line Automotive north of seattle. They made short work of the alignment.
    I’m tall, so I really apprecaite the easier entry/exit.
    I have a hitch mount on the rear, and it scraped constantly over the parking structure at my office prior to this install.
    I also purchased the camber adjustment, which B-line said was easy to work with to get the wheels straight and true.

  6. Mark Grace

    Thanks to MPP for making these. I can finally get in and out of my crazy San Francisco driveway without scraping!

  7. Mark Grace

    Thanks to MPP for making these. I can finally get in and out of my crazy San Francisco driveway without scraping!

  8. TsunamiBird

    I put these on my Model 3 Performance shortly after I got it from the dealership, I had them professionally installed by a place experienced with Teslas, at the 14k mile mark now, I haven’t noticed any major settling or sagging, only about 15 miles of range loss, no decrease in the fun factor or the g-forces. I live in an area that was destroyed by a tsunami, the speed bumps are high and most businesses have an angle that make it a surgical operation to enter

    I am 65% certain that after all of the bumps and horrible entrances I’ve been through now my battery would be a broken mess without this kit, when I had them installed, even the mechanic said “that’s a really nice kit you’ve got there”

    This isn’t something you’d get on Amazon, this is heavy metal you can feel the weight and durability of. Very satisfied so far. Thank you for creating just what the doctor ordered MPP!

  9. Bryce Waguespack

    Installed this kit on my Model 3 Performance, and I have to say it is a wonderful kit. Close to 2″ of height added, which handles the road much better.
    I found steep driveways and large road dips are no longer an issue.
    I’ve lost maybe 2.5% of range according to the car’s measurements, and that’s not bad considering I was going 70mph on the highway driving from 90% charge to 55% charge.
    It feels like I’m driving a Model Y in a Model 3.

  10. Randy Wilkerson

    What an awesome lift kit. It was a pretty easy install. It took us about 5 hours to complete but I’m no mechanic.

    Rides great, definitely feels more confident being up a little higher. My biggest complaint with my Model Y was the lack of ground clearance and now that issue is solved.

    I used the YouTube install video for the T Sportline lift kit which has all the same components but is just a copied version from Mountain Pass.

  11. Mitchell Billman

    The nature of my profession took my Model 3 onto many dirt and desert roads. I was looking for a kit just like this. I installed it and haven’t scrapped the undercarriage once. Easy to install, looks great, and does what it’s supposed to do perfectly!

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