Cooling Party Controller for Tesla Model 3


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Increase the Cooling Functionality on your Tesla Model 3 Non-Performance, or Performance with Track Mode!

  • Pre-Cool your Battery and Motors without the drive rails being turned on
  • Cool the vehicle even when AC or DC Fast Charging
  • Extend track-time before overheating

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We are REALLY excited to announce the Mountain Pass Performance Cooling Party Controller. This is one of many products we are releasing in 2021 aimed at allowing you guys to run your Model 3 harder and longer on the track, and is the main need-to-have-item if you don’t have Track Mode in order to delay the time it takes for power reduction to set in when your Model 3 starts overheating. This Cooling Party Controller will run your Model 3’s cooling system at its maximum output – turning up the water pumps and AC compressor to the max to get the heat OUT. This device can be used while driving, charging, or even supercharging.

Starting your sessions with the cooling systems at a lower temperature can significantly delay when power reduction occurs on the Model 3, as the battery will overheat after around 7-9 minutes on a factory cooling system depending on ambient temperature, the circuit layout, and the driver’s abilities. Starting with the vehicle pre-cooled extends the amount of time you can run before you experience power reduction and overheating of the battery or drive units. 

Our Cooling Party Controller kit includes our MPP designed microcontroller in a CNC-machined aluminum enclosure, the wiring harness which has been produced with MIL-Spec harness practices including Raychem heat-shrink protecting the wires. A USB port on the device allows for software updates in the future if required.



Check out the following video below to see some data and information about how the Cooling Party Controller works, how it’s activated, and how it is beneficial to you track guys! One of the main attractions of this device for those of you that have Track Mode is the ability to precool the car while charging, something that cannot be done with Track Mode.

We have finished a new update for our MoTeC C125 Dash kit which brings full integration of the Cooling Party Controller to the dash – you can see in real-time if the CPC is active on both the main driving display and on the charging display. The charging display will also show the AC compressor output rpm, so you can know based on that if the system has satisfied its water temperature target.



  • Those without Track Mode will be able to run for the same duration of time as those that own Track Mode.
  • Preconditioning allows you to lower the temperature of the battery by approximately 1 degree C per minute.
  • The vehicle coolant temperatures can be reduced to anywhere between 15-18 degrees C.
  • The controller can be activated while supercharging, lowering battery temperatures from 52 deg C to 25 deg C before the charging session has ended!

The image above compares an out lap and two hot laps at Buttonwillow CW13 in Isaac’s Dual Motor Model 3 with the Cooling Party Controller ON (the colored traces) and OFF (the white traces). Thanks Isaac for doing some on-track testing while we’re stuck in the snow! Here’s what you’re looking at:

  • The AC compressor runs at 8000 RPM right away, lowering the temperature of the coolant entering the battery to 18 deg C.
  • Despite the starting temperature of the battery starting 8 deg C higher than the previous session without the CPC, the battery temperatures are the same after the 3 laps.
  • You can look at the Battery Power trace to confirm that the power discharged from the battery was approximately the same. The laptimes were also very similar across all of the laps.
  • The ambient temperature was actually 7 deg C HIGHER on the session with the Cooling Party Controller ON! (not shown in the graph)



If you would like to purchase the Cooling Party Controller, you will be required to sign a waiver agreeing to the following:

  • This product is intended for OFF-ROAD use only.
  • You will not hold us responsible or liable for anything that happens as a result of unexpected behavior
  • You will disconnect the Cooling Party Controller when doing a software update. This can be done in around 30 seconds with our supplied jumper connector.
  • You accept that there is a chance future software updates will render this box inoperable.
  • You, or anyone else, will not try to reverse engineer any aspect of the Cooling Party Controller.

Please do not purchase this product unless you are fully willing to agree to these terms.



Installation is not fully plug and play. While the installation is relatively straight forward, it does require some minor wiring connections. We do provide everything required to make installation as straightforward as possible. Installation takes approximately 1.25 hours for a technician experienced with electronics and wiring. Please do not purchase this unless you have someone competent available to install it. We are happy to provide specific installation details if you email us to enquire. There is a full instruction guide with photos offered to everyone that purchases the unit.


MPP VIP Discount:

For MPP customers who have purchased $2500 or more, please email for a $150 coupon code for our Cooling Party Controller. This is our way of saying thank you for being a loyal MPP customer! Thanks to your support the development of products like this is possible!