MPP Mega Terra Cybertruck Forged Wheels **PRE-ORDER DEPOSIT**


Pre-order is open! See details below!
The pricing shown is for a single pre-order deposit.
You only need to order QTY:1 to place a pre-order for up to 5 wheels!

  • Forged motorsport billet
  • Mega Inner Barrel designed to be as strong as possible
  • FEA Optimized painstakingly weight-optimized without sacrificing strength
  • Made by Braid Motorsport in Spain a leader in motorsport wheels for over 25 years
  • Knurled Beads to ensure tire slip will not occur even at very low tire pressures
  • Perfect Offset designed to optimize tire fitment and aerodynamic efficiency
  • Aero Cover + Bead Protector Ready with tapped holes for future wheel accessories

Fits these vehicles: Tesla Cybertruck


We’re thrilled to announce our brand-new Tesla Cybertruck wheels! We spent months on this wheel design here in-house at MPP – aiming for something motorsport-inspired, aerodynamic, functional and clean. We really love the way these Cybertruck wheels came out, and we hope you do too! As with our Mega Mesh wheels, these wheels are made by Braid Motorsport in Barcelona, Spain.

So a bit about Braid. These aren’t no-name wheels from a questionable factory overseas. Braid Motorsport are leaders in motorsport wheels with a history in Dakar and WRC going back as far as the 1980s. Braid also supplies wheels for Formula E, E-TCR and makes prototype wheels for a number of OEMs in Europe. These wheels are expensive, motorsport wheels. By focusing on high quantity and a few target sizes, we’re able to get the price significantly below what custom, made-to-order Braid wheels typically cost.


Pre-Order Details:

In order to help us evaluate your interest and determine which colors everyone is most interested in, we are offering a pre-order process for our Mega Terra Cybertruck wheels. In exchange for pre-ordering, you’ll receive a healthy discount of $400 for a set of wheels! To lock in your discount, place an order of QTY: 1 to leave a $250 deposit for 1 car set of wheels (up to 5 wheels). This deposit will be applied to your final order.

In the pre-order field, you’ll find three color options. Most likely we’ll only end up producing two colors, so for this reason, please select your first pick and your backup color. If we don’t produce the color you want, of course, your pre-order deposit is fully refundable. However, keep in mind we can offer custom powder coating at an additional cost if there’s a color you need to have!


Pre-Order Window:

The $100/wheel pre-order discount will run until June 30th 2024. At that time pre-orders will still be open, but the discount will drop from $100/wheel to $50/wheel. Keep in mind that the earlier you place your pre-order deposit the better, as we need to confirm the production colors by the end of May!



The wheels are sold individually. The individual wheel price is $1075 USD plus shipping, or $975 per wheel if you preorder!
A pre-order offers you a $400 discount assuming you order a minimum of 4 wheels ($100 discount per wheel ordered). If you order 5 wheels, you’ll receive a $500 discount!

You can cancel your pre-order at any time for a full refund.



Production Timeline:

  • The production of the wheels takes 16 weeks.
  • Once the wheels are complete (targeting Early-Mid-September), you have the option to express air ship the wheels (roughly $80 USD per wheel) or wait for sea shipping. For US customers: If you select this option you will also need to pay UPS import charges from Spain, because we can’t clear those for you as a Canadian company. This will be deducted from the price you pay! The balance of payment will be required 3-4 weeks before shipping.
  • Sea Shipping to us takes another 7-10 weeks, assuming there are no delays.
  • From there, you can expect 4-5 days shipping to you.
  • With Sea Shipping, the earliest delivery would be Mid-November. The balance of payment will be required within 2 weeks of the stock arriving to keep your pre-order pricing.


How The Wheel Was Developed:

Here at MPP, we fully designed the wheel in-house and used that as a starting point from which the expert wheel manufacturers at Braid could work with.  Together, our goal was to push the limits of wheel clearance to achieve the highest offset possible without causing interference with suspension components. This allows you to use a taller tire with less rubbing – as higher offsets result in a smaller fore/aft arc during steering. In addition, higher offsets improve range and keep the mud and rocks slinging off your tires where they belong – in the wheel wells.

In addition, we elected to go with a wider wheel rather than Cybertruck’s 9″ fitment to allow more shape to the wheel compared to the totally flat OEM wheel – all without affecting tire poke.

Upon consulting with Braid, they suggested we focus on adding more strength to the wheel rather than focusing so much on weight savings. In the end, this makes sense. Our original target of 29lbs would have sacrificed us having the ultimate “bulletproof” wheel that you see before you. On that topic, both Braid and MPP worked in parallel on the FEA (finite-element-analysis) process to locate and optimize weight, without destroying the stiffness or style of the wheel. The backsides of the hubs are machined to remove “dead” weight there, and the spoke profile has been optimized for caliper clearance, stiffness, load capacity, and weight.

At the end of the day, while weight is important, we also know that when it comes to off-roading, going on long road trips, or towing, you need a wheel that you can rely on no matter what. So we built that.

Technical Details:

We tried to put every feature into this wheel we could, knowing that potential wheel buyers are very picky and are looking to check all of those boxes. But in addition to the common features that everyone is looking for, we’ve also added some features that very few if any wheels on the market have.

Rivian custom made forged wheel

Unpainted Mating Faces:

This is something that Braid takes very seriously. Having paint on the mating surface of the wheel is the main reason wheel companies require new wheels to be re-torqued multiple times, as the paint on both the lug nut side and hub side compresses. In addition, uneven paint on the hub side can result in a wheel that doesn’t run true – possibly resulting in vibrations.

Back-Machined Hub Face:

While we’re talking about the hub of the wheel, you can see how much material we’ve carved out of the back of the hub face. This is a ton of dead weight that serves no purpose, and we’re able to significantly reduce the weight of the wheel by machining quite deep in this area, with no downside.

Rivian aftermarket wheels


Bead Knurling:

Knurling of the bead surface is critical for those airing down your tires. Deep knurls and unpainted surfaces mean maximum mechanical grip between the rim and the tire.

Barrel Reinforcing Ribs + Smooth Inner Barrel:

A signature feature of Braid wheels, these reinforcing ribs help significantly strengthen the barrel of the rim which is useful for those high-G landings you’re going to do with the kids in the backseat. No, that won’t shut them up. A smooth inner barrel helps with aerodynamics, and extra material is utilized here to prevent bending of the wheel – a common issue with heavy EVs.

Rivian forged wheel detail


Aero Cover & Accessory Mounting Holes:

Our Cybertruck wheels have threaded holes around the OD allowing for the use of future MPP aero covers and other accessory items, such as wheel protectors. Aero covers are useful in extending highway range, and bolt-on wheel protectors can help protect your investment when you tackle the trails. Stay tuned for future components that utilize these mounting holes!



Wheel Size:  20×9.5 – 32.5lbs 

Range & Efficiency:

As the original tire size and offset are nearly the same, you can expect the same range as factory. Tires will make the biggest difference to range, however, aero covers will certainly help.

Load rating: 1200 KG

All wheel companies do their “load rating” differently, so comparing across companies isn’t very useful. However, FEA indicates our wheels are able to withstand up to 8G’s of vertical load without permanently deforming. In other words, you would need to hit something so hard that you compress the vehicle with over 6000kg (13,200 lbs) of force per wheel. Normally these kinds of forces bend or break other components such as dampers, bump stops, or suspension arms. If you put 8G vertical into these wheels, maybe we should be having a different conversation!


Wheel strength FEA analysis for a Rivian forged wheel



Wheel Colors:

We will go to production with 2 colors, but for the pre-order, we’re making 3 options available. The top 2 colors will be selected.

Satin Black – as pictured above. With this color, it will be difficult to make out the features of the wheel unless the wheel is in direct sunlight. However, this color matches the Cybertruck really well.

Satin Anthracite This is a very dark grey with metallic flake and will allow the wheels to show a little bit more than a completely black wheel.

The wheels are powder coated in-house at Braid’s facility and the wheels are then post-machined at the contact faces as mentioned above.



Additional information


20×9.5 – 32lbs

Wheel Color

Satin Black, Satin Anthracite


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